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Petroleum Experts (Petex) UK has donated 10 licenses of the IPM software suite - equivalent to £2,644,915.42 to London South Bank University
12 December 2022

Students on the MEng, BEng and MSc Chemical and Energy courses will benefit from detailed instruction on a suite of industry-standard software packages. This instils a level of professional competency that industry employers immediately recognise and value.

The IPM software suite facilitates Engineering students who are learning to integrate the simulation of hydrocarbon reservoir, wells and surface network, as it encompasses engineering models at each level (i.e. PROSPER, GAP, and MBAL). This integrated simulation has paramount importance in the optimization of oil and gas production in the industry.

"Students enjoy learning the use of this software that allows them to integrate production systems," said Dr Andrew Fergusson-Rees, Course Director MEng/ BEng Chemical and Energy Engineering courses. "This type of software is of standard use in the oil industry, thus our graduates gain competitive skills when applying for relevant jobs in the industry."

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