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National Dignity Action Day in the Faculty of Health and Social Care

Sheelagh Mealing, Director of the Institute of Vocational Learning, Lesley Marsh, Special Project Leader and Esme Wheeler,Diploma Tutor marked National Dignity Action Day at LSBU.
17 July 2013

On 1 February 2013 they hosted an information stand in the foyer area of the K2 building at our Southwark campus to raise awareness of National Dignity Action Day 2013. National Dignity Action Day serves to spread the message to remind and encourage everyone to treat others with dignity and that this is a basic right for us all. It is focused on both the dignity that people deserve to be treated with in care, but also that staff are also entitled to be given dignity and respect.

The team provided staff and students with information on treating others with dignity and asked people to make a pledge that were pinned onto a tree. These pledges will be made anonymous and then shared with students and colleagues across the Faculty.

This is a fantastic initiative and it should be an annual LSBU event, emphasising the importance of dignity.

Dr Warren Turner, Pro Dean for Contracts and Business Enterprise

If you would like further information about National Dignity Action Day and dignity in care please go to The Dignity in Care website