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National Bakery School announces plans for major redevelopment

LSBU's National Bakery School announces major redevelopment plans, with the aid of a Garfield Weston Foundation grant for £200,000.
17 July 2013

The re-developed National Bakery School will have specialist teaching spaces for baking, confectionery and chocolate, as well as a substantial demonstration bakery suitable for industry and public presentations.

These enhanced facilities will enable the National Bakery School to continue to offer high quality higher education and continuing professional development programmes. It will also offer support and access to its facilities to other baking education providers and industry organisations.

Adding to this, the redevelopment plans also include a new function space with a public entrance, which will be a valuable resource for the baking industry for events and meetings.

John Marchant, Head of the National Bakery School, commented: "The National Bakery School has gone through a period of immense change in the last five years, including completely redeveloping the vision, purpose and operation of the School.

"I believe that these changes will help us continue to produce students who can take their rightful place in an ever changing baking industry, whether it is as a technologist or an artisan baker."

The National Bakery School is seeking to externally raise £2m to advance these ambitious plans which can only be achieved with the support of the baking industry.

Jane Houzer, Head of the Business School at LSBU, commented: "The National Bakery School continues to develop its sought-after specialised provision, and the redevelopment of the school will assist in building ever closer and stronger links with the industry.

"The redevelopment will transform the National Bakery School into a real showcase for the industry - a place to encourage thought-leadership, where people come together to share best practice and new developments along the entire supply chain and in a neutral environment."

The National Bakery School will be approaching other companies and individuals associated with the baking industry in the hope of receiving their support and will be working with leading industry organisations to secure their advice and help with the project.

The National Bakery School aims to achieve this in time for the School's 120th anniversary in 2014.

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