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LSBU to host GameCamp 8

LSBU welcomes all game-lovers to join us at GameCamp 8 for a fun day of games, talks and networking for one of the world’s most important mediums
16 May 2016

GameCamp is organised by the GameCamp Committee and sponsored by LSBU. The all-inclusive one-day event is about all things games and games culture and everyone from students, gamers, players, programmers, artists, and more, are invited to join in the fun on the day.

GameCamp follows an unconference structure, meaning that there is a ‘go with the flow’ policy on the day, in other words, you won’t see guest speakers or pre-announced programme at GameCamp.

This mean that anyone attending the event can arrange a talk, seminar, demonstration or workshop on just about any game-related subject they want, and they don’t need to be an expert to do it either. GameCamp will provide rooms and timeslots; all the speaker needs to do is bring the subject and a bit of knowledge about it.

Siobhán Thomas, Course Director for Game Design and Development at LSBU, said: “It’s wonderful to be able to host yet another GameCamp at LSBU. Not only are these events hugely popular but they’re also a lot of fun!

“GameCamp brings together industry professionals and game lovers from all over to take part is this fantastic day. It’s a great opportunity for everyone who attends to enjoy a day in the company of peers, network, hold talks, take part in demonstrations, share information and much more.”

As well as talks and workshops, GameCamp has a lot going on. The 'Run What You Brung' demo area is open for anyone with a prototype game to show off. The wildly popular Cat On Yer Head game, founded by Rob Davis, will also be running in the main concourse, and the noted games collective and GameCamp regulars will be bringing a selection of their experimental games to astound and delight you.

Mary Hamilton and Grant Howitt will also be in attendance at GameCamp 8 with their extensive arsenal of Nerf weaponry for the return of the hugely popular emergent-gameplay Zombie LARP workshops.

There will be live games kicking off around the venue throughout the day, and a there will also be a library of board-games old and new for anyone to use – or you can bring your own, there’ll be plenty of people to play with.

Find out more about GameCamp 8.