LSBU to close Ethnicity Pay Gap by 2025

We join a small number of organisations, businesses and charities choosing to publish Ethnicity Pay Gap data
24 November 2020

LSBU is joining a small number of forward-thinking UK higher education organisations, businesses and charities to publish Ethnicity Pay Gap data. LSBU’s Ethnicity Pay Gap report (PDF File 197 KB) says:

  • The Ethnicity Pay Gap was 12.2% in 2019.
  • The Ethnicity Pay Gap has shrunk by 3.4% since 2017.
  • The average Ethnicity Pay Gap across the higher education sector is 12%.

LSBU is working hard to close ethnicity and gender pay gaps through:

  • Delivering inclusive recruitment at all levels of our organisation.
  • Opening up new promotion routes for staff to develop and move roles.
  • Providing coaching, mentoring and sponsorship for LSBU staff.

In 2019 LSBU published a Gender Pay Gap report (PDF File 241 KB) and earlier this year launched the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion annual report (PDF File 2,063 KB).

Marcelle Moncrieffe-Johnson, LSBU Group Chief People Officer, said,

“Publishing our Ethnicity Pay Gap data demonstrates LSBU’s commitment to having open and honest conversations about race and ethnicity and our work to deliver equality for all: everyone, everyday and everywhere.

“LSBU is working tirelessly to break down barriers​ to deliver equality for all. We won’t rest until the Ethnicity Pay Gap at LSBU is closed and have set a clear target to achieve that by 2025.”