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LSBU provides backdrop for new BBC drama serial featuring Hollywood star Gyllenhaal

London South Bank University's campus provides the backdrop for a new political BBC drama serial featuring Hollywood movie star Maggie Gyllenhaal
02 July 2014

LSBU students who watch BBC drama The Honourable Woman starting Thursday might believe they're mistaken for thinking certain scenes are more than a little familiar. That's because several key hospital and medical scenes in the 8-part series were in fact filmed at LSBU, namely the K2 clinical skills labs and the Student Centre.

The Honourable Woman is a powerful political thriller following the tumultuous life of Nessa Stein, played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, a high-flying British business woman who wants to make her family arms company a force for good by moving it into telecommunications.

Full of political intrigue and conflict, and taking place over eight years and different continents, according to the Guardian it's a story that "delivers a series of thrilling twists, cold violence and jaw-dropping reveals. The Honourable Woman is in essence about trying to do the right thing, and how circumstances conspire to prevent that."

LSBU's use as a setting for The Honourable Woman follows its starring role in Sky's fire-fighting drama The Smoke.

Keep an eye out for LSBU when The Honourable Woman premieres on Thursday 3 July on BBC2 at 9pm.