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LSBU Midwifery student given prestigious role as a Care Maker

Third year BSc (Hons) Midwifery student Dawn Stone has been successful in her application to take on the role of a Care Maker.
04 December 2013

Care Makers work as ambassadors of the 6C's and compassion in practice where they are employed or studying. The 6C's comprises of Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment and are part of a strategy and vision within the NHS to improve patient care. 

The role of the Care Maker followed on from the concept of the Game Makers who volunteered at the 2012 Olympics, with this being such a success it is anticipated that Care Makers will have a big impact on nursing and midwifery in the NHS.

On news on her successful application, Dawn said: "For me, it is important to be mindful of compassion and kindness, as sometimes these skills can be overlooked and yet it is often the small details women and families remember about their care. Such as the student who took the time to make them a cup of tea, the midwife who sat and held a new mum's hand when she was frightened, or the doctor who stayed late on his shift to ensure a family understand a diagnosis. 

To be a part of a change where these qualities are recognised, celebrated and encouraged is inspiring, as it shows that while some individuals lack these qualities (as exemplified by the Francis Report) many more exemplify them every day, and are part of what makes the NHS so wonderful.

Dawn Stone, Third year Midwifery student and Care Maker

This is a great achievement by Dawn and as a University we are delighted that our students are formally involved in making a difference to improve care in the NHS. Georgina Short, Senior Lecturer said: "As Dawn's personal tutor I am extremely proud of her successful application to be a Care Maker and act as an ambassador for the 6C's. She is a passionate and conscientious student, whose high standards and expectations of care make her an ideal candidate. Dawn will act as an advocate and empower all clients and staff in her care."

Another successful Care Maker from the Faculty of Health and Social Care is Carl Beasley a Mental Health Nursing student who has previously been featured in our news after attending the prestigious Chief Nursing Officer's Conference.

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