LSBU launches its new Innovation Centre in Croydon

07 March 2024

The School of Engineering at LSBU (London South Bank University) has opened a new Innovation centre in Croydon to boost collaboration between industry, academia (including colleges and schools) and local community teams. Its primary focus will be delivering innovative and scalable solutions to address energy and sustainability, healthcare/ tech and smart manufacturing challenges we face.

The REACT Innovation Centre (Research, Engage, Academia, Community, Technology) has harnessed some of the latest healthcare/ tech and supporting infrastructure, including the latest energy and sustainability solutions that will support the digital transformation in healthcare.

The REACT Innovation Centre has been opened with LSBU’s partners including Verizon Business, Hitachi Digital Services, Juniper Networks, Visionable and Croydon Council to:

  1. Improve health technology to raise standards for NHS patients, staff and students. With the NHS under pressure, the REACT Innovation Centre will first focus on creating a ‘healthcare/tech built for me’ model. It will investigate a greater range of treatment options for patients e.g. remote care for patients to be monitored while they are at the hospital and/or at home. It will work to improve the health experience for patients, healthcare staff and the multidisciplinary graduates needed across the healthcare, computing and engineering sectors to support the move towards digitalisation.  
    Healthcare providers and the essential workforce in Croydon and beyond will be supported by an intelligent infrastructure (cooperative system)– built using Private 5G, MEC, WiFi-6 and IoT technology – for better connectivity and security, earlier prevention or detection of illness, admission avoidance and digitalisation of hospital care pathways.

  2. Use technology to increase energy sustainability in healthcare
    By using multi-protocol systems, installed at the REACT Innovation Centre, collaborative solutions, with sustainable interoperability (equipment operating together) will be the central theme. Partners will implement current, future and aspirational scenarios that investigate and support patients’ journeys and reduce carbon emissions through digitalisation.

Professor Sandra Dudley, Professor of Communication Systems at the School of Engineering at LSBU and REACT said, “LSBU’s new REACT Innovation Centre in Croydon is a commitment to both the local community and greater London. By working with internationally leading technology companies and local partners who have intrinsic community knowledge, we have created an intelligence driven, evolving and immersive infrastructure, which can support ground-breaking research, create and attract local talent, and ultimately provide an excellent co-creation and deployment experience for better outcomes across the chosen areas. We want the centre to lead and support the mindful adoption of technology in healthcare across the UK and internationally.”

Sanjiv Gossain, Verizon Business, Group VP and Head of EMEA, said, “We are extremely proud to be one of the many partners involved in this flagship REACT Innovation Centre.To tackle the challenges across healthcare right now, organisations are opting to bring together a willing coalition of multiple experts in their field to have a positive impact. The facility is a great example of how like-minded industry, academic and community teams can join forces to share their expertise and deliver real, sustainable change into a sector which has the potential to achieve so much more."

Paul Watson, Hitachi Digital Services, Global VP Healthcare & Life Sciences, said, “REACT presents a unique opportunity to demonstrate how harnessing digital technology can improve care and deliver better healthcare for society. We passionately believe in the power of co-creation to solve real world challenges. Our commitment to this partnership underscores Hitachi’s mission of powering good towards a sustainable future for all and are thrilled to be working with an amazing group of organisations across academia, industry, and healthcare. By innovating together, we bring forward truly transformative solutions.”

Alan Lowe, Visionable, CEO said, "We take immense pride in our role as a partner within the REACT Innovation Centre. Today, as we confront the myriad challenges in healthcare, organizations are increasingly rallying diverse experts to effect positive change. This facility stands as a shining example of how aligned industry, academic, and community entities can unite, leveraging their expertise to drive tangible, lasting transformation."

The Mayor of Croydon Jason Perry said: "The greatest thing LSBU are bringing to us here in Croydon is innovation which is why it was such an honour to speak at the launch of the React Institute. The institute provides a great opportunity to bring together academia, business including leading big tech firms and healthcare professionals to create innovative and scalable solutions to address some of the leading challenges society faces today. This is an exciting start and Croydon Council looks forward to working with everyone to bring these opportunities to Croydon businesses and residents."

The opening of the new REACT Innovation Centre facilities in Croydon was attended by London’s Deputy Mayor for Business, Howard Dawber, and the Mayor of Croydon, Jason Perry. The REACT Innovation Centre will support new businesses and job creation and develop innovative solutions to some of the big challenges we will face in the coming years from delivering an improved NHS and improving sustainability to ensure we can reach Net Zero.

Uniquely, the infrastructure will be available for collaboration, start-ups, researchers, students and the public to use and engage with to co-develop, test and pilot sustainable solutions to further enhance healthcare/tech, energy and sustainability and smart manufacturing challenges.

If you would like to visit the REACT Innovation Centre contact the LSBU team at: and

Website: React Innovation Centre | London South Bank University (