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London South Bank University’s School of Arts and Creative Industries presents a new research centre to investigate the image within network culture
07 January 2016

London South Bank University (LSBU) in partnership with The Photographers’ Gallery, London has launched The Centre of the Study of the Networked Image (CSNI), a new research area for the School of Arts and Creative Industries.

The CSNI will develop trans-disciplinary research to address the image within network culture, looking closely at how the visual and sonic is being reconfigured in contemporary culture. Its research will investigate new image economies as well as their modes of simulation, storage, performance, circulation, access and distribution.

Andrew Dewdney, Professor of Educational Development in LSBU’s School of Arts and Creative Industries describes the key areas of the CSNI’s interest:

“The CSNI seeks serious answers and solutions to pressing problems of visual communication in our time. The internet, computer networks and digital technologies have transformed the environment of knowledge and information as well as everyday life.  

“Research into the uses and impact of computer visualisation systems and their effects on society is in its infancy and the centre will provide a focus for the evaluation of existing work as well as defining new questions for future research programmes.”

Two of the key research areas for the CSNI include collaborations with leading global arts organisations. In partnership with The Photographers’ Gallery the CSNI is looking at the way in which computer algorithms are changing photographic meaning as well as exploring the development of methods and approaches to curating the photographic image in screen culture. With Tate Modern, the centre is developing research to address the art museum’s understanding and use of video and social networks, as well as the preservation of digital art.

Further CSNI research specialisms include art theory, art practice, art history, curation, performance, photography, sociology of culture and cultural and media studies. 

Current members of the CSNI include Andrew Dewdney, Katrina Sluis, Annet Dekker, Daniel Alexander, Adam Brown and Maria Chatzichristodoulou. The CSNI also is affiliated with researchers at The Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins, and University of the Arts London.

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