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LSBU hosts Sport in Extreme Environments conference

LSBU brings together sports practitioners including Chelsea football star Cesar Azpilicueta to discuss their approach to sport in extreme environments
26 October 2015

London South Bank University (LSBU)’s School of Applied Science will be hosting the Sport in Extreme Environments conference on 29 October.

Sport in Extreme Environments will bring together an international community of sports practitioners and researchers for an exchange of knowledge drawn from their respective disciplines. The conference will also be welcoming Chelsea premiership football star Cesar Azpilicueta to speak about his sporting expertise.

Sponsored by The Altitude Centre, the conference will include talks from expert practitioners on the benefits and challenges of training in extreme environments and how performance in more temperate environments can be enhanced.

Sport in Extreme Environments will welcome leading expert in exercise physiology Dr Sebastien Racinais as a keynote speaker, along with LSBU Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology Dr Nadia Gaoua.

Dr Nadia Gaoua will discuss the strategies that can be implemented in order to reduce the negative effects of exercise in extreme temperatures, and will outline how temperatures can mentally affect human performance.

Dr Sebastien Racinais will speak on how altitude and temperature affects football performance and will specifically look at examples from the two previous FIFA World Cup competitions in South Africa (high altitude) and Brazil (hot temperature).

The conference will be accompanied with a moving presentation led by international explorer Mikael Strandberg. Mikael will share his experience of different expeditions ranging from 128°F in the shade in the Yemen desert to minus -72°F in Siberia. He will also speak on how his expeditions helped scientists to understand human body reactions to extreme environments.

Highlights of the conference will include a panel discussion with professional football player Cesar Azpilicueta, Doctor of the French Alpine Ski team Dr Marine Alhammoud and the keynote speakers. The discussants will share their knowledge of sport in challenging environments and will discuss how sport in extreme environments can be improved in the future.

Dr Nadia Gaoua said; “LSBU is proud to welcome a community of academics and experts who can speak on a subject which is so important to sport and exercise. We hope the conference will address key issues in the field of sport and training and will shed light on how we can share this knowledge with other industries in order to improve both performance and health of workers.”