Harmeet Gulati

LSBU engineering student awarded bursary by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Harmeet Gulati will receive at least £1000 per year for the duration of his degree course
25 March 2020

LSBU engineering student, Harmeet Gulati, has this month (March 2020) been awarded an Engineering Horizons Bursary from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Awarded to 84 students, the bursary is given to those who have not necessarily followed the traditional A-Level route, who have a passion for engineering and who have already been accepted onto a place, or currently on, an IET-accredited engineering or technology degree.

Students who meet the criteria are entitled to an IET scholarship of at least £1000 per year for the duration of their degree course - up to a maximum of at least £3000 for Bachelors students and £4000 for MEng students.

Hear from Harmeet, below, about what first attracted him to study on an IET-accredited engineering course at LSBU and how the bursary will help to support him during his studies.

What attracted you to studying engineering at LSBU?

Harmeet says, “Engineering is a challenging subject because it involves working with new technology to develop sustainable solutions for a variety of problems faced by society.  It involves a lot of practical problem solving and gives you an opportunity to apply all of your theoretical knowledge to real life scenarios.

“I decided to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering because I am interested in understanding how different electronic gadgets work. I’m particularly looking forward to studying the Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering module because it will help me to develop a deeper understanding of different theorems - in particular, Norton and Thevenin’s theorem which forms the basis of circuit analysis."

How will the Engineering Horizons Bursary help you during your studies?

“The bursary will help me to cover my travel costs to university and purchase books to support my studies, so that I won’t need to work longer hours in order to cover my university expenses.”

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