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LSBU accredits first online postgraduate qualifications in Obesity Care and Management

LSBU has validated the College of Contemporary Health's online postgraduate qualifications in Obesity Care and Management, including the UK's first online Masters
07 January 2016

London South Bank University (LSBU) has accredited and helped develop three innovative new online courses in Obesity Care and Management, including the UK’s first completely online Masters degree in the field. The courses are being delivered by the College of Contemporary Health (CCH), which has been pioneering online university-level obesity courses since 2013.

Despite nearly 62% of the UK’s adults being overweight or obese, the UK’s frontline healthcare profession is under-qualified and ill-equipped to deal with increasing numbers of obese patients, according to CCH. The College's new Masters provides healthcare practitioners with a holistic approach to obesity care, which includes a first-of-its-kind module on obesity and reproductive health.

“Obesity tops the list of major health issues related to 21st century lifestyles. People assume that diet and exercise will sort it out, but they won’t. Our flexible and relevant learning programme addresses the deeper psychological issues and come to grips with obesity’s serious medical consequences,” said Val Bullen, Director of Education at CCH.

Throughout the programme, healthcare professionals gain practical tools and methods which they can immediately apply in their day-to-day interactions with patients. The course content was developed in collaboration with experts in LSBU’s School of Health and Social Care.

“From the course so far, I have developed my professional practice by gaining a better understanding of the causes and consequences of obesity. By looking at the behavioural aspects around obesity I am able to relate to my patients and clients better, and provide individualised information, to support each of them through their weight loss journey,” said Rebecca, a Weight Loss Practitioner and CCH Obesity Care and Management student.

CCH is dedicated to training healthcare professionals to deal with health problems related to 21st century lifestyles. The College draws on the latest research and expertise from health education organisations, including the Association for the Study of Obesity and the National Obesity Forum.

“LSBU has a long tradition of providing excellent education and training for healthcare professionals throughout the UK. Through our partnership with the University, CCH can better provide advanced educational programmes online in obesity care and management, something which, until now, has not been available in the capital," said John Feenie, CEO at CCH.

The course accreditation was supported by LSBU's Health and Wellbeing Institute, which connects organisations with expert knowledge, training and interdisciplinary research in a broad range of areas. The Institute also works with 67 providers of NHS healthcare in London.

Above photo: Warren Turner, Dean of LSBU's School of Health and Social Care and John Feenie, Executive Chairman of CCH, shake hands at the conclusion of the signing of the validation agreement