London South Bank University National Bakery School students win UK baking awards

05 July 2023

Seven students from London South Bank University’s (LSBU) National Bakery School won 1st place at the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees (ABST) national competition in June 2023.

The National Bakery school students who took part in the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees National Competition used the practical skills and science taught at LSBU to produce first-class award-winning bakery products including Easter eggs, wedding cakes and shortbread. Congratulations to every LSBU student who took part!

The seven Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees National Competition awards won by LSBU students were the:

  • Founders Cup where second-year LSBU student Charlotte Hopkinson won an individual product prize for her macaron.
  • Blandy Cup awards won by LSBU National Bakery School students, Nick Woods in 1st place, Hannah Morris in 2nd place and Chloe Sutton in 3rd place, for the fruit wedding cakes they baked and decorated.
  • Celebration Cupcake Challenge competition to decorate 8 cupcakes in the theme of Eurovision, won by third-year LSBU student Zuzka Petraskova.
  • Callebaut Chocolate Academy Trophy won by second-year LSBU students, Janne Bundesen, Tom Moorhouse and Emme Pearson who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively for creating innovative chocolate Easter eggs and identical snacking bars.
  • Devon Rose Bowl competition won by second-year LSBU student, Charlotte Hopkinson for her brilliant work, baking a traditional cake and a reinvented version of the same cake.
  • Shortbread Class award won by second-year LSBU student Nick Woods for his pre-moulded baked shortbread round.
  • Dead Dough Modelling Plaque award won by second-year LSBU student Molly Wainwright for creating display pieces suitable for display in a bakery shop window and showcasing her bread skills in modelling, decorating and design,

The LSBU National Bakery School encourages our students to take part in the Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees competitions to help them develop their bakery experience and crucial soft skills including resilience, creativity, planning, organising and collaboration. Founded in 1894, the National Bakery School at LSBU is the oldest bakery institution in the world and has sophisticated facilities, extensive bakery industry networks and an international reputation for industry-informed courses.

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