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London Film Festival selects LSBU’s short film ‘The Take-Up’

BA Film Practice course director has short film selected for London Film Festival 2014
11 November 2014

Dr Patrick Tarrant - Senior Lecturer of LSBU's BA Film Practice - had his film 'The Take-Up' screened at the BFI Film Festival. It was chosen as one of a handful of internationally recognised experimental films.

'The Take-Up' creates optical illusions by filming through the holes contained in the spinning take-up reel of a 16mm film projector. Dr Tarrant includes this effect in his eleven minute film by using the effect to transform an ordinary street scene, into something he refers to as "warped and mysterious". 

Dr Tarrant added: "I used a high-definition camera to spy through the film projector's spinning reel while the sound of the 16mm film - a 1961 documentary called 'How to bend light' - is played through the projector. The effect is to cause the viewer to wonder if 'The Take-Up' is itself a system for bending light."

The London Film Festival is the UK's largest public film event, screening more than 300 features, documentaries and short films from almost 50 countries. The festival showcases the best of world cinema to champion creativity, originality, vision and imagination, and presents the finest contemporary international cinema from both established and emerging film-makers.

Dr Tarrant has a keen interest in non-fiction and experimental filmmaking. Students on the Film Practice course likewise have the freedom to experiment and develop their own original film projects, culminating in the opportunity to screen their final films at a showcase event at the BFI Southbank.

Dr Tarrant said: "It is a great honour to have a film shortlisted for the prestigious London Film Festival. LSBU has provided me with the tools and support needed to make this short film a success - the aim is to inspire my students and hopefully we will see one of their creations showcased at the festival next year."