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Progress in discussions for Lambeth College to join the LSBU family

LSBU is pleased to announce the decision of further education institution Lambeth College to become part of the LSBU family, subject to a full business case
16 December 2016

Following the recommendations of the Government Area Review of Post-16 Education for Central London, London South Bank University (LSBU) is delighted with the decision of the Board of Lambeth College, a local provider of further education, to join the LSBU family in principle, subject to the development of a full business case.

The LSBU family (comprising a University Technical College and an Academy, in addition to the University itself and South Bank University Enterprises Ltd) offers collaborative education at a range of levels and ages. LSBU is pleased to be strengthening and extending this provision by welcoming a further education college to the family.

The introduction of Lambeth College into the LSBU family will provide a fantastic opportunity for the local communities in south London, who will be now able to progress from secondary education into further education, higher education and postgraduate study, within a network of like-minded institutions. The move will ensure clear learning pathways for students, whilst offering operational stability to Lambeth College, who will also benefit from access to LSBU’s broad teaching curriculum, additional specialist facilities and technical resources, and the University’s connections to local businesses and employers.

Staff and students across the network of institutions as a whole also stand to benefit from a planned multi-million pound investment in new education facilities by LSBU, which will create a class-leading set of study facilities across south London.

Mary McCormack, Chair of Governors at Lambeth College, said:

"Lambeth College and LSBU serve the local community in south London. We are confident this exciting and innovative partnership will broaden and increase the opportunities for Lambeth College students to progress from further education into higher level apprenticeships, higher education and employment."

Professor David Phoenix, Vice-Chancellor at LSBU, commented:

"Post-16 education is a critical part of the fabric of our society, and employers are calling for a more highly educated and skilled workforce. Welcoming Lambeth College into this exciting and innovative model with the LSBU family is an excellent opportunity to enhance the provision of further education across south London.

"Additionally, this will help to address any gaps in professional and technical education in our community, while supporting the Government’s wider initiatives for further education in the UK."

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