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Professor Judith Evans appointed as President of IIR commission C2

LSBU's cold food chain expert Professor Judith Evans has been appointment as President of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) commission C2
15 July 2016

Professor Evans has been working on food refrigeration operations for 30 years and is a renowned expert in her field in both academic and scientific spheres. Professor Evans’ work focuses on food refrigeration operations throughout the cold food chain from harvest/slaughter to the consumer, with an emphasis on reducing energy use and emissions from the cold food chain and energy storage systems.

She has worked on a number of key issues in this field including; frozen storage of meat, decontamination of food, energy labelling, cook-chill systems, optimising refrigeration systems, and consumer handling of food and studies to improve the performance of domestic and commercial refrigerators.

She is the UK representative to the IIR and is also a Fellow of the UK Institute of Refrigeration (IOR).

The IIR, which includes members from 58 member countries, is the only independent intergovernmental organisation for science and technology to promote knowledge for refrigeration and associated technologies.

The technologies promoted by the IIR not only improve the quality of life for people, but also provide cost effective and environmentally sustainable solutions in areas such as food quality and safety, health products and services and energy efficiency.

Professor Judith Evans, LSBU researcher and President of IIR commission C2 (food science and engineering), said:

“It’s such an honour to be appointed President of this IIR commission in recognition for my work in this area.

“I’ve been working on food refrigeration operations for 30 years and have had the opportunity to work on many projects related to the food cold chain including several on reducing energy use, improving food quality and safety and developing new refrigeration technologies.

“My role at LSBU is mainly related to research into the food cold chain and so I hope as part of my role I will be able to increase awareness of cold chain issues as well as enhance the profile of LSBU internationally.”

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