The South Bank Think Tank

Go on then... since it’s Christmas

Feeling pressured to drink more this festive season? Our first podcast episode explores alcohol addiction, marketing and cultural pressures to drink, plus the role of education in combating dangerous behaviours
14 December 2020

Welcome to The South Bank Think Tank, the podcast that covers the big questions in our society across community health, digital innovation, sustainability, education and social justice.

In our very first episode, Go on then... since it’s Christmas, we covered what addiction really is, how it manifests in our behaviour and the relationships that change when you say no to a drink. We also discussed cultural drinking during the festive season, including how legislation, marketing and our friends influence our drinking habits. Oh, and of course, we touched on whether there’s actually a cure for a hangover.

Hosted by LSBU’s Matt Rogers and Jodie Morris, and produced by Alex Rule, we were joined by two special guests. First up was James Morris, a Research Fellow at the Centre for Addictive Behaviours. James' experience relates to alcohol brief interventions, treatment and public health. His PhD explored problem framing, stigma and problem recognition amongst harmful drinkers. We also welcomed Neil Hudson-Basing, Corporate Events Manager at LSBU and advocate for safer drinking habits. During his time at LSBU Neil has worked with ‘One Year No Beer’ and ‘Club Soda’ to raise awareness among students and staff at the University around the health impacts of alcohol and taking a more mindful approach to drinking.

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