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Digital communications with Andrew Mitchell from Brandmovers

How has the internet of things, people’s attention spans and the evolution of communication channels, affected customer relationships with brands?
09 March 2018

On Wednesday 7 March, Andrew Mitchell,  CEO of Brandmovers delivered a keynote speech at London South Bank University (LSBU) about creating customer communication networks. As an industry leader with over 20 years’ experience in digital marketing, Andrew took attendees through the history of the ‘customer journey’, of describing how the environment in which customers consume brands has evolved.

He touched upon the importance of keeping up to scratch with loyalty marketing and the difficulties involved when more mediums of communication are introduced. For example, mobile phones and email marketing allow consumers the opportunity to interact every minute of every day with your brand, if they choose, and that is how brand loyalty begins and develops.

It is not just marketing channels that have developed due to advances in technology, many household appliances and items now incorporate smart technology which can interact with other smart devices and apps. We have seen fridges order in household goods from the supermarket and the booking of parking spaces in cities is now largely technology driven. T  Andrew Mitchell explained, this is what is now known as ‘the internet of things’..
The important thing to note, which Andrew Mitchell expanded on as the event progressed, is the value that can be built and developed as brand loyalty is further developed and brand loyalists are extremely profitable to an organisation.

Andrew Mitchell said:, “Digital marketing technology now gives brands the opportunity to connect with customers via numerous devices or channels around the clock. Users are empowered as they control content consumption and decide which device or media they prefer to interact with the brand.  This presents an opportunity to constantly engage and develop brand loyalty over a longer period of time, as well as being more cost-effective.”
Andrew Mitchell went on to provide a number of examples of how his company, Brandmovers, has developed communication strategies and campaigns for a number of global brands such as Manchester United, Indian Motorcycle, Mastercard and Ritz- Carlton.

The key message that resonated after the event was that the customer journey from awareness through to brand evangelist needs to be carefully considered at all stages to ensure the prospect moves seamlessly through these stages.

Did you know about London South Bank University’s recent partnership with Brandmovers to develop its digital marketing strategy and offering at the University?

The University recently hosted the CIM marketing club who are working with LSBU to deliver relevant and leading events for its prospective students and individuals in the industry. Here is an event they held in 2017, but in February the CIM marketing club welcomed John Lyons and Courtney Cesari from Brandmovers, who are Managing Director and Director of Business Strategy Europe, respectively.

Stay tuned, as this newly formed relationship between LSBU and Brandmovers will create more opportunities for our students and the sector.