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Department of Psychology welcomes acclaimed psychologist for annual lecture

London South Bank University's (LSBU) Department of Psychology recently held its Annual Lecture, entitled 'Illusions of Memory, Illusions of Justice?'.
17 July 2013

The speaker was Distinguished Professor Elizabeth Loftus, from the University of California, who is internationally acclaimed for her contributions to psychology research and was ranked 58 in the Review of General Psychology's list of the 100 most influential psychology researchers of the 20th Century.

Professor Loftus spoke to a full house of students, staff, visiting academics, police officers and legal professionals about 'illusions of memory' and their application to criminal cases, illustrating how easily recollections can be distorted, which can result in miscarriages of justice.

Dr Anne Ridley, Principal Lecturer in Psychology at LSBU, who organised the lecture, said: "We were delighted to be able to welcome Professor Loftus to LSBU.

"She has been recognised as the most influential woman psychologist of her generation and has been an inspiration to all those interested in the accuracy of eyewitness memory.

"Her talk was fascinating - appealing to students, practitioners and academics alike, which contributed to making the lecture a great success."

Dr Ridley has also just published a book entitled 'Suggestibility in Legal Contexts', a comprehensive guide to the theory, research and forensic implications of suggestibility.

Tracing the topic's history from the early twentieth century to the present, the book tackles the investigative and theoretical controversies associated with the subject of suggestibility and makes recommendations about how to reduce its negative effects.

Purchase 'Suggestibility in Legal Contexts'.

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