Exhibiting at New Designers 2017, Islington, Engineering Product Design graduate Alan Rallings’  invention caught the eye of the judges from Innovate Product Design.

Called CyclOpic, the bicycle allows a very space-efficient package when folded thanks to a hub-less front wheel.

Alan was a mature student, recently returned to the UK after working abroad for a number of years, who decided to enrol in a degree to get back up to speed with the latest technology and software.

He searched for a university with an established track record in design and engineering and found an opportunity at LSBU, for which he said he would always be grateful.

“This very important prize is the first step to further develop the concept that I have been working on, therefore this will possibly be a life-changing opportunity,” he said.  

“I’d like to thank all the staff and students at LSBU, also my family who have given me amazing support and encouragement whilst I have studied and worked on my CyclOpic project.”

Head of Division in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design, Robin Jones said Alan’s final project and the award it has so far attracted was testament to his drive and motivation.

“Throughout the Engineering Product Design course, Alan built a strong foundation of problem-solving skills in engineering practice and balanced this with a divergently creative approach to design thinking.”

The prize was offered by Innovate Product Design, an international company that specialises in helping clients to market new product and business ideas.

This is the second year in a row that an LSBU student has been awarded this prize.