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ILSI working to change the way we provide CPPD courses for healthcare professionals

The Institute for Leadership and Service Improvement (ILSI) have started an inovative new programme in Clinical Leadership using blended learning.
17 July 2013

ILSI led by Dr Alex Mears, in collaboration with our digital media partner, Brickwall Health developed the exciting new programme to be delivered using an innovative blended learning model. The new programme combines both workshops and an inclusive range of online learning materials to make studying more accessible and flexible.

The programme was started as a pilot at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust, in May 2012, and our first cohort are coming to an end of their taught course. Feedback has been positive with our students appreciating the flexibility that the course provides.

As part of the pilot, we have a second cohort of students who are three weeks into the programme, with another two cohorts to follow. After a successful pilot, Dr Alex Mears and his team are planning to roll out the programme to other organisations, aiming to change the way in which CPPD courses are delivered to healthcare professionals across the board.

Blended or hybrid learning is, in my view, the key to the future of CPPD education - it combines the flexibility of an online course with the community of learning that can only exists where students learn together. This course is unique, as it retains the size and shape of the traditional 20-credit module and therefore also retains its pedagogic robustness.

Dr Alex Mears, Director of the Institute for Leadership and Service Improvement

If you would like further information regarding the Clinical Leadership programme please contact Dr Alex Mears, Director of the Institute for Leadership and Service Improvement via email or on 020 7815 7978.