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Celebrating 10 years of Music & Sonic Media at LSBU

Students, lecturers and graduates of LSBU's BA Music and Sonic Media course celebrated its tenth anniversary recently with a networking and creative collaboration event at the Student Centre
15 April 2014

To mark the occasion, graduates of the course returned to LSBU campus and joined students and staff at The Venue in the Student Centre. 

Throughout the event, alumni and students shared their creative music production work, mixed by LSBU lecturer Tony Nwachukwu, who also showcased brand new production material from his internationally recognised CDR events held recently in London, Berlin and Melbourne.

Pioneered by Tony Nwachukwu—whose production and remix credits include Macy Gray, the Cinematic Orchestra and Duran Durans—CDR (Create Define Release) is a dynamic, collaborative DJ concept by which sonic work-in-progress projects are played and showcased in a creative club-based group setting.

Alongside this collaboration, LSBU BA Music & Sonic Media graduate Tomas Snarskis marked the occasion by launching his online music distribution site, MyMusicHouse, a project that was supported by LSBU's Clarence Centre. Following Tony's performance, members of the LSBU DJ Society performed to the crowd of students, staff and alumni as part of the end-of-term party.

Offering a unique mix of digital music production, post-production sound design and reflective studies, LSBU BA Sonic Media made its debut in 2004 as a pathway at the university's Arts & Media undergraduate programme in order to fill a gap in contemporary music and sound studies. 

This innovative course was partly inspired by the production values of London-based new music events such as CD. In 2008 it was revalidated as BA Music & Sonic Media, attracting local and international creative talent.

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