Clearing simply offers a way for your young person to apply for a place at LSBU for courses starting in September.

Your young person

  • may not have applied yet
  • may not be holding any offers or have not been given an offer for the course they want
  • may not receive the grades they expect
  • have simply changed their minds about where or what they want to study

Whatever the reason – LSBU is here to help you support them

LSBU has a great track record of helping applicants get onto the right course. We know it is an important time for you and your young people – that’s why we ensure we have the right people on hand to help.

How we make decisions

At LSBU we take a well-rounded holistic view when it comes to making offers – we firmly believe in looking at the Applicant rather than just what is on an application. This ensures we accept students not only on the grades they get but also on their potential to be successful on their chosen course.

When making a decision we look at

  • All qualifications achieved including A-Levels, BTECS, GCSEs and anything equivalent or deemed to be non-standard
  • Personal statements, performance at interview or audition as well as any portfolios of work
  • We also review any previous skills, knowledge or experience you have gained outside of your education and are happy to talk through any extenuating circumstances you feel relevant.

Applying to LSBU is straightforward

  • On UCAS – If your young person knows what course they want to study - they can go into their UCAS account and make LSBU their Clearing choice.
  • Direct on our Clearing site – we have a direct application form that will come straight to our Admissions Team – for many courses applicants can get an offer within 5 mins
  • Call our Clearing Team 24/7 (link to Clearing line) – our fantastic Admissions professionals are on the end of the phone to help through the application, confirm offers or talk you through the processes – Give us a call on 0800 923 8888
  • Pop into our Clearing Centre, applicants (parents/guardians) can come along to our Admissions and Recruitment Centre and speak to us in person.

5 July 2022 – Clearing Opens

  1. If your young person has received their final grades and ready to apply they can do so now.

    18 August – A Level results released

  2. All those awaiting their results will get them today. This is usually the busiest day in Clearing.

    18 October – Clearing Closes

  3. Courses officially start on 26 September but we do allow applications after this date for some courses.

Here are some top tips to help your young person

Plan ahead and touch base with us

  1. If your young person is waiting for results on 18 August, it is always useful to understand what options are out there just in case plans change. Lots of applicants are already researching and our Clearing team will be on hand to offer any advice needed.
  2. Make sure they know - the subjects they are interested in, if we are offering it and what the entry requirements are. This can be done through our Clearing page or via UCAS.
  3. Register for our Priority Clearing here, we can do the hard work and call your young person back on results day to talk them through their options and take their application – If they are ready to apply before results day we may be able to get them their place early
  4. Think about the other things needed to study at LSBU – have they applied for Student Finance? Look at the accommodation options and travel time

If things don’t go as planned - no problem. LSBU is here to help.

  1. Our advice is to take a breath, relax and stay calm. Your young person will need you to offer reassurance and guidance, particularly if their results aren't what they expected.
  2. Help them get organised. If they're contacting more than one university, make sure they note the name of the course they want to apply for and where they are interested in going.
  3. It will help if they know their UCAS Personal ID number and have it to hand.
  4. Make sure they have details of any results, including their GCSEs or equivalent, as well as any extra information they think helpful – such as work experience or any skills they have developed – it all helps us make a decision.
  5. They can apply easily on our website and get a decision on their application within 5-10 minutes, or they can give our team a call (during the peak periods we will be receiving a high number of calls but will get to them as fast as we can) – please note universities can only talk to the student who is applying. In exceptional circumstances you might be able to act as their representative, with their consent, but your young person would need to speak to our staff about their application if possible. If they're not comfortable on the phone there will be other options, such as an online chat function or via our social media channels. Our Clearing line will open at 8am on 18 August 2022.
  6. If they are already registered for our Priority Clearing, we will give them a call back at our earliest opportunity – if they are unable to answer we will keep trying, we know it is an extremely busy day.