What is Unistats?

Unistats is the independent and official site that allows you to search for and compare data on university and college courses from across the UK.

The widget appearing on the left-hand-side of this course page is fed with data from Unistats. The widget displays the ‘key information set’ for this course, covering 17 areas of information that prospective students have identified as important. You can pause the rotating widget or click through to the Unistats website to see the full information displayed as a webpage.

Statistical comparison is a useful tool to help with your decision making; however, it isn’t the only one. We recommend that you read as much as you can about your course of choice and attend university open days and events to fully understand the student experience.

Video guides

Unistats have produced a couple of useful introductory videos to help prospective students use the data on their website to make informed decisions about what to study, and where.

Watch video: What to be aware of when using data to compare courses
Watch video: Guide to using Unistats

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