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  • Hitesh Tailor

    Hitesh Tailor

    Job title:
    Honorary Fellowship

    Hitesh Tailor - awarded an Honorary Fellowship at London's Festival Hall in 2012.

  • Dr Shaminder Takhar

    Dr Shaminder Takhar

    Law and Social Sciences / Social Sciences
    Job title:
    Associate Professor in Sociology
    020 7815 5748

    Dr Shaminder Takhar is Associate Professor in Sociology specialising in race, gender, sexuality and social justice at London South Bank University (LSBU).

  • Dr Patrick Tarrant

    Dr Patrick Tarrant

    Arts and Creative Industries / Film and Media
    Job title:
    Course Director - Film Practice
    020 7815 5803

    Dr Tarrant is a filmmaker whose primary interest is in experimental and documentary filmmaking and the expressive possibilities of montage.

  • Dr Peter Tatchell

    Dr Peter Tatchell

    Job title:
    Honorary Doctor of Law

    Awarded an Honorary Doctor of Law at London's Festival Hall in 2011.

  • Dr Vicki Taylor

    Dr Vicki Taylor

    Business / Management, Marketing and People
    Job title:
    Hourly Paid Lecturer
    020 7815 7715
  • Prof. Robert Tozer

    Prof. Robert Tozer

    Engineering / Mechanical Engineering and Design
    Job title:
    Visiting Professor
    020 7815 7162

    Robert Tozer is a Visiting Professor at London South Bank University (LSBU) analysing the feasibility of an MCs in Data Centres.

  • Dr Louise Terry

    Dr Louise Terry

    Health and Social Care / Adult Nursing and Midwifery
    Job title:
    Reader in Law and Ethics
    020 7815 8405

    Dr Louise Terry is Reader in Law and Ethics, and specialises in teaching health and social care law and ethics. She has particular interest in withholding and withdrawing medical treatment, resource allocation, nursing wisdom, public

  • Caron Thatcher

    Caron Thatcher

    Law and Social Sciences / Law
    Job title:
    Senior Lecturer
    020 7815 7049

    Caron has lectured and tutored at LSBU for over 20 years and has used her experience of legal practice to enhance the practical legal content of the subjects that she teaches.

  • Dr Menaha Thayaparan

    Dr Menaha Thayaparan

    Built Environment and Architecture / Construction, Property and Surveying
    Job title:
    Senior Lecturer
    020 7815 7622

    Dr Manaha Thayaparan is a Senior Lecturer in Quantity Surveying at London South Bank University (LSBU).

  • Helen Thomas

    Helen Thomas

    Law and Social Sciences / Centre for Education and School Partnerships
    Job title:
    Senior Lecturer - Primary Mathematics Education
    020 7815 8071

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