Voices of Women in Architecture

This symposium serves as a platform where architects, academics, and enthusiasts come together to celebrate and honor the diverse talent, ingenuity, and resilience exhibited by women shaping the architectural landscape of South Asia and beyond. Register Now

About this event

Date: 11 January 2024
Location: 103 Borough Road, The Hub, Southwark Lecture Theatre London SE1 0AA (and live streamed on Teams - link to follow)
Time: 09:00 - 00:00
Price: Free
Organiser: School of Built Environment & Architecture


About this event

Research and Development wing of Women in Architecture Pakistan (WAP) is working with the Women in Architecture (WIA) UK for the three days cross border collaboration. WIA representatives will join in Lahore on 18-19th January.

Conveners: Dr. Igea Troiani and Dr. Mamuna Iqbal

Moderators: Ar. Sana Nauman (President WAP)

Dr. Mamuna Iqbal (Vice President WAP, Chair Research and development Unit WAP)

Dr. Zahra Hussain (Head Initiatives WAP)

This groundbreaking 3-day symposium (Day 1 in London, Days 2 & 3 in Lahore) organised with WIA (Women in Architecture) UK and WAP (Women in Architecture Pakistan) commemorates the significant contributions and achievements of women in the field of architecture within Pakistan, South Asia and in the UK. This symposium serves as a platform where architects, academics, enthusiasts, politicians come together to celebrate and honor the diverse talent, ingenuity, and resilience exhibited by women of Pakistani and South Asian background shaping the architectural landscape of South Asia and beyond. At this symposium, we explore the various challenges faced by these women in the field of architecture in the industry, academia, policy or whilst working on the frontlines with communities. Through a series of captivating talks, engaging discussions and workshops, this symposium seeks to elevate their stories and bring them to the forefront of the architectural discourse.


Women in Architecture strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable all individuals, including individuals with disabilities, for our members and guests.

Wheelchair accessibility is available, please contact us at hello@wia-uk.org for details.

Key Themes

Navigating Success: Challenges and Triumphs of Women Architects in Practice.

This panel discussion encourages a candid exploration of women architects' experiences, hurdles, and achievements in their professional careers. By addressing these topics within the context of women architects in practice, the panel discussion can provide valuable insights, inspiration, and practical advice for aspiring and established professionals in the field. It can also help foster a supportive community and encourage continued progress toward gender equality in architecture.

Women in Academia: Confronting Stereotypes

Pakistani society is often too eager to express its derision and ridicule for teachers, and women in academia are often generalized as low achieving individuals who choose academia for its

“elementary” nature. Women architects choosing to work in academia often face such stereotypes while working towards the betterment of architectural education. This panel discussion will focus on exploring the challenges of academia in Pakistan and how women architects are confronting them while balancing family life and conventional expectations of society. Focus of the discussion will be architectural education in Pakistan and its place in the global context, novel pedagogical methods in architecture as a response to unique challenges in our society, and contributions of female architects in academia.

Architectural Practice in a Changing World: Addressing the Global Challenges

The panel discussion will explore the evolving role of architectural practice in times of critical societal challenges. Focusing on climate change, migration and displacement, heritage preservation, and urban development, this session will provide a platform for dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences among professionals, academics, and thought leaders in the field of architecture. Insights, innovative strategies, and best practices in navigating these complex issues will inspire a collective effort to create sustainable and inclusive built environments. The session aims to inspire actionable strategies for creating resilient, inclusive, and sustainable built environments.