Six Characters in Search of an Author

The LSBU Student Theatre Company presents the third and final show in their 2019 season of Avant-garde plays.

About this event

Date: 12 December 2019
Location: Southwark Campus - Edric Theatre, Student Centre
Time: 07:00 - 08:30
Price: Free
Telephone: 020 7815 7815
Organiser: LSBU Student Theatre Company

A company of actors are busy rehearsing a play, when they are abruptly interrupted by six people. But they are not all that they seem. They are six characters of an unwritten play, seeking meaning and purpose; on a quest to escape their traumatic past; and searching for someone - a writer! - to complete their story. Willing to humour their peculiar presence, the actors and director take on the role of the audience, as the six characters reveal their unsettling story, ultimately making us all ask: Who am I? Where am I going? What am I for? And will anyone listen...?

Six Characters in Search of an Author was written by Luigi Pirandello. This is a new version by David Harrower and directed by Aled Pedrick.

Tickets will be available from Wednesday 27th November.