LSBU Business School Public Lecture: Making Diversity Work

Dr. Aidan McKearney will be delivering this lecture on 'Making Diversity Work'. Register Now

About this event

Date: 16 July 2020
Location: Online - Zoom
Time: 13:00 - 13:40
Price: Free

LSBU Business School is proud to be hosting another exciting lecture in our Public Lecture Event series. We are offering this opportunity to the broad business community with whom we are engaged, LSBU staff & students. We want to support the community and facilitate networks.  These lectures will provide professional training & insights to employers and industry leads.
Dr. Aidan McKearney will be delivering this lecture on 'Making Diversity Work'.

This talk will focus on the topic of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. Much has been written about the virtues of embracing diversity in organisations, but all too often this area of debate remains misunderstood, and undervalued. Many organisations offer a rhetorical embrace of the concept, but many fail to translate these warms words, into diversity and inclusion practices. As such, we can speak of an “implementation gap” that often exists between the rhetoric and the reality; between organisational policy and practice.

This talk aims to explore these issues, and in addition will discuss the so-called “business case argument” for why organisations should adopt a strategic approach to EDI. Furthermore, we will ask, whether there is a relationship between EDI and employee engagement, how organisation culture plays a pivotal role in supporting moves towards greater EDI, and the role of leaders and line management in harnessing the power of equality, diversity and inclusion for greater organisational success.
The talk may be of particular interest to diversity practitioners, workplace managers, leaders, and employees across all sectors – public, private or voluntary, and those with a practical or academic interest in the role of workplace equality in furthering social mobility.

Brief Bio:
Dr. Aidan McKearney is Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, and Head of Division (Management, Marketing, and People) at London South Bank University. His teaching focuses on subjects such as Employment Relations; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and Employee Engagement. His research interests lie in the arena of sexuality, inclusion, citizenship, and the impact of intersectional dynamics. He has published in a number of national and international academic journals including Human Resource Management Journal; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: an International Journal; and the Journal of Organizational Change Management.

Structure of the event:
1pm-1.20pm - Lecture presented

1.20pm-1.40pm - Q & A & Networking