How Context and Accessibility enhance consistency in people’s moral behaviour

How and why do people change between moral behaviour that is utilitarian and that is not? Instead, switching between moral laws or principles is an adaptive tactic; the psychological construct of morality that decision-makers use is flexible and continually being built.

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Date: 24 November 2022
Location: LSBU Business School 3rd Floor Interact /Online MS Teams
Time: 12:00 - 14:00
Price: Free
Organiser: London Centre of Business and Entrepreneurship (LCBER)

Research Today! How Context and Accessibility enhance consistency in people’s moral behaviour

Prof Petko Kusev, PhD Professor. LSBU Business School
Chair: Prof Karin S. Moser, PhD

Over a century of research has focused on the consistency and inconsistency of moral decision preferences. For example, how and why do humans shift between utilitarian (maximising the consequences of behaviour) and non-utilitarian moral behaviours? Moreover, many authors contend that non-utilitarian moral choices represent erroneous and irrational behavior. However, I propose that shifting between moral rules/principles is instead an adaptive strategy; the decision-maker's psychological construct of morality is adapting and constantly under construction (on the fly). Furthermore, in contrast to previous theoretical and methodological accounts, we found that in moral scenarios/tasks with full Perspective-Taking (PT) Accessibility people’s moral judgements and moral behaviour are consistently prosocial/utilitarian. I will argue that PT Accessibility (a new type of veil of ignorance with even odds that do not trigger self-interest, risk-related preferences or decision biases) is necessary in order to measure humans’ prosocial utilitarian behaviour and promote its societal benefits.

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