How to Develop Ideas That Solve Real Problems

Don't just start a business; solve a problem! Learn why this is so important and how to test your idea as an answer to a real-world issue. Register Now

About this event

Date: 02 June 2023
Location: Online
Time: 12:00 - 13:30
Price: Free
Organiser: Enterprising Futures at LSBU

Users (and your future customers) will seek out a solution if it offers them a better, quicker, or smarter way of tackling a problem or task. By making sure that your business, freelance service, or side hustle activity solves that problem, you are set up to be a success!

This session will explain why each business idea should love the problem as much as the solution. Come with a seed of an idea or something more concrete! We'll help you validate your business solution (and even improve it).

With this workshop, you will:

  • Gain clarity on approaching your idea as a solution to a problem.
  • Confirm the problem you want to solve and how to think about your idea as the answer.
  • Connect with innovation experts, the Enterprising Futures of LSBU team, and other like-minded entrepreneurs.