LSBU Sustainability and Climate Action Events Series - Consumption, Economics, Education & Wellbeing

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About this event

Date: 04 November 2020 - 06 November 2020
Location: This event will be delivered virtually.
Time: All day
Price: Free
Telephone: Please email
Organiser: LSBU

Download the programme (PDF File 105 KB).

This year, LSBU is hosting a series of  three events on Sustainability and Climate Action. We are dedicated to protecting our planet and society. We promise to become a university of the future - one that is conscious, one that is responsible and one that is sustainable. We’re proud of the progress we have made, but we're not even close to done!

Consumption, Economics, Education and Well-being (4 - 6 Nov 2020)

Part Two of this event series will focus on the themes of consumption, economics, education & wellbeing. The consumer market is changing rapidly. There's been a rise of veganism, entire nations are boycotting single use plastic and we are seeing the emergence of closed-looped design to eradicate waste from large corporations and new start-ups alike.

This consumer action is fuelled by a rise in eco-anxiety and with businesses response to the scientific data with creative solutions. Rethinking an economy to stop environmental damage will be better for all our mental-health and wellbeing interventions and tools for improving & maintaining these are a key factor in sustainability. Education for sustainable development is at the heart of societial transformation, encouraging individuals, organisations & communities in adopting more sustainable and climate conscious behaviours.

Similar to Part One, we'll hear from LSBU's own leaders and experts in these fields, along with a host of external influential professionals, who will showcase their work, experience and expertise in these fields as they demonstrate their commitment to tackling the major issues in sustainability and climate change.

Check out our keynote speakers and the programme on our Eventbrite page.... and there's more to be added in the lead up to the event! 

Here's a few of the speakers we have lined up...

This conference will be delivered online using Zoom Webinar. The joining information will be circulated around a week before the event to those who have registered.  This will be one link to access all of the sessions and you are free to drop in to the ones that interest you.

Please note: You'll see on our order form that we have asked for your home address. This is so we can send a thank you gift to those who attend the event. You do not need to complete this field but please do so if you're happy to receive something in the post from us after the event.

This is Part Two of a series of events. The final event in this series is:

  • Food, Water and Politics (13-15 Jan 2021). To register, please click here.

Part One was focused on Climate, Carbon, Energy and Resources. Check out some of the recorded sessions from this event here.

Each event in the series is a stand-alone event. You do not need to have attended any of the previous events in order to register/attend.

Join us to find out how small changes can make a BIG difference and to learn how YOU can play a role in protecting the future of our planet!

Some key messages from our first event (PDF File 283 KB).