COMMEET Toolkits for Communities - Addressing racism

Part of a series of webinars to discuss COMMEET toolkit developments and their impact on the UN SDG campaign Register Now

About this event

Date: 20 September 2022
Location: This session will be delivered virtually
Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Price: Free
Telephone: Please email
Organiser: LSBU, COMMEET and RCE London

Four new COMMEET Toolkits for Community Groups are being developed; they will be completed in the course of 2022. In cooperation with London South Bank University (LSBU) and RCE London through a series of webinars, attention will be paid to their effective launches in the right environment, to ensure that broad exposure to communities across the world is achieved. For this, COMMEET needs help to identify and contact the proper international organisations. COMMEET and RCE London are looking for international support to reach a broad audience, supporting the UN SDG campaign to the max.

For the effective promotion of every Toolkit before its launch, dedicated webinars are organised in the course of the 2022 spring and summer.  A short overview of what can be expected:

  • A description of the problem that is the basis for a particular toolkit
  • A panel discussion and Q & A with experts
  • An invitation to join and support the Toolkit development teams, for instance by delivering existing Promising Practices.

You can sign up for all webinars on this page and you will receive a joining link two days before each webinar takes place. The four webinars are scheduled as follows:

3rd May, 4pm - 5pm: Education for sustainable livelihoods

In this webinar the importance of a good regional system of technical education and training (TVET) will be underlined, to ensure citizens have the capacity to support their community development, making the right expertise available and educating young people for a meaningful follow-up. The discussion will be chaired by Ros Wade, former Chair of the RCE London and professor at the London South Bank University. The panel consists of Gita Subrahmanyam of the London School of Economics, Shyamal Majumdar, former director of UNESCO-UNEVOC, Glenn Strachan and John Baines, both lecturers and researchers at London South Bank University and Jos Hermans, founder and chair of the COMMEET Fellowship. After the panel discussion there will be time for Q & A.

This webinar is meant for entrepreneurs, educators, people advocating community empowerment, people developing sustainable solutions for education in communities, people working on the realisation of the UN SDGs, all COMMEET Fellows, etc.

24th May, 4pm - 5pm: Empowering vulnerable women and children

A special webinar focusing on the importance of equal civil rights for women and children, with specific attention being paid to the position of marginalised groups. Further details to be added in the coming weeks.

20th July, 4pm - 5pm: Climate action

This webinar discusses the possibilities to form community groups around bottom-up climate actions that may be effective in towns, neighbourhoods, etc. Further details to be added in the coming weeks.

20th September, 4pm - 5pm: Addressing racism

This webinar will attempt to explain how community groups and individuals can recognise symptoms of open but also veiled forms of racism and how they might be able to combat them. Further details to be added in the coming weeks.