Unconditional Offer Scheme

We reward outstanding candidates who demonstrate strong academic standing and future promise through our Unconditional Offer Scheme.

Candidates are selected for their academic achievements, character and potential for success. Our thorough decision making process is informed by GCSE performance, personal statements, references and predicted grades.

Our goal is to provide students with peace of mind, and plenty of time to get ready for university.

I've been chosen; what next?

Keep going! Your academic achievements made you stand out to us, and keeping up your good work now will make you stand out to future employers, who will consider all of your grades.

Regardless of your unconditional offer, your upcoming exams and assignments remain as important as ever. We expect you to stay on track: it will make your transition to higher education easier.

About the scheme

Want to learn more about your unconditional offer? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • We are looking for applicants with excellent accomplishments and potential for the future. In addition to predicted grades at Level 3, we also take into account:

    • your personal statement,
    • existing academic performance,
    • extra-curricular accomplishments and activities,
    • academic, personal or professional references,
    • performance at an interview, or assessment day (if a course requires one as part of its selection process)

    Only a small portion of our applicants receive an Unconditional Offer, so if you have been selected for the scheme you will have submitted a strong application.

  • Our Arts, Business, Social Sciences, Engineering and Science are included in the scheme.

  • Offers are valid only for courses starting in the year you’ve applied for, so we can't defer places to a future intake.

  • Unconditional offers are not dependent on final examination grades, so if you accept one, your place with us confirmed.

    That said, staying committed to your studies is important.  Having a guaranteed place lets you to prepare for university earlier, but a strong work ethic is crucial to making that transition easier. Not only this, but all your grades will be considered by future employers - so keep up your good work!

  • Once you’ve received decisions from all of your choices, you can accept your offer on UCAS Track. If you decide to join LSBU, you just need to select us as your Firm choice.

    We look forward to welcoming you in September. Find out more about why LSBU is for you, including why we’ve been named University of the Year for Graduate Employment for an unprecedented second-year running!

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