Criminology and Sociology

Criminology and Sociology at London South Bank University

Studying Criminology will allow you to look at the complex interactions between the state, the offender, the victim and society, you will think critically about how laws are made and how social structures shape both crime and crime control. On the other hand our Sociology programmes provide you with a rich understanding of the complexity and diversity of modern life. You’ll have the opportunity to study key issues from cultural diversity to the construction of social identities, looking at everything from sexuality to religion, race, gender and class.


Why study Criminology and Sociology at London South Bank University

Be part of an academic community dedicated to social justice and global responsibility - with an inspiring schedule of guest speakers, events, volunteering opportunities and exchange of ideas.

You will also gain transferable skills, which will provide you with a solid background to starting your career in different fields.

These courses provide you with valuable knowledge and the ability to think critically about a range of topics within Sociology or Criminology