Race, Gender and Sexualities

RGS explores the interactions of various social identities in a globalised world and is concerned with social justice and equality. The group is inclusive, interdisciplinary, and fosters collaboration between researchers at LSBU and beyond.

This research group is at the forefront of critical research at the intersections of race, gender and sexualities, using an intersectional lens to study issues of justice and equality at national and international levels.

The research group is based in the School of Law and Social Science and includes researchers in various disciplines based in Schools across the University and PGR students. It fosters an open space for dialogue and debates on complex issues and actively encourages student membership. The group members research on a wide range of topics such as gender, culture and society; race and sexuality; gender and the criminal justice system; gender and war; violence against women; human rights; female activism and political agency; slavery and elites.

The Race, Gender and Sexualities Research Group organises a seminar series throughout the year to showcase innovative LSBU research on this theme. It has also invited high profile speakers and organised major externally-facing conferences. Individual members of this group are partnered with a number of organisations and institutions such as Feminist Foreign Policy UK Working Group and   Cornell Law School’s India Law Centre. Members have also collaborated with other research institutions on topics such as feminist policymaking, feminist foreign policy, transnational legal feminism, domestic violence and women, peace and the security agenda.

Some of the noteworthy publications of this research group includes:

  • Eroukhmanoff, Clara (2019) The Securitisation of Islam: covert racism and affect in the US post 9/11 (Manchester: Manchester University Press).
  • Eroukhmanoff, Clara (2018) “‘It’s not a Muslim ban!’ Indirect speech acts and the indirect securitisation of Islam in the US post-9/11” Global Discourse. Vol 8, No. 1, pp. 5-25
  • Eroukhmanoff, Clara (2017) “A feminist reading of foreign policy under Trump: Mother of All Bombs, Wall, and the locker room banter” Critical Studies on Security, Vol. 5, No. 3., pp.177-181.
  • Eroukhmanoff, Clara (2015) “The remote securitisation of Islam in the US post-9/11: euphemisation, metaphors and the “logic of expected consequences” in counter-radicalisation discourse” Critical Studies on Terrorism, Vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 246-265
  • Redwood, H. (2021) The Archival Politics of International Courts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Shaminder Takhar et al (2021) ‘Strategy, Planning and Accountability’ in Verma, A. (ed) Anti-racism in higher education: An action guide for change, Bristol University Press.
  • Takhar, S. (forthcoming 2022) ‘The Gender Agenda: transphobia and the perceived erasure of women’ in Demos, V. and Segal, M. (eds) Gender: Visibility and Erasure, Emerald Publishing.
  • Takhar, S. and Aziz, R. (forthcoming 2022) ‘The Student Voice: BAME Attainment Gap’ in Martin, N. (ed) Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education: Post 2020, Critical Publishing.

The RGS group welcomes PhD applications in this field of research. As a PhD student supervised by a member of this group, you will receive support from the wider research group and the research centre. If you are interested to apply for a PhD at LSBU on this theme, get in touch with a member of the group in your area of research to discuss your research proposal before submitting your application. More details about specific themes within race, gender and sexualities, can be found on staff’s LSBU profile.

Members Include:

  • Prof Shaminder Takhar (Group Lead)
  • Dr Elian Weizman (Group Lead)
  • Dr Clara Eroukhmanoff
  • Dr Safia Barikzai
  • Prof. Caitriona Beaumont
  • Dr Matthew Bond
  • Dr Adrian Budd
  • Dr Charlotte Clements
  • Andrea Colquhoun
  • Kate Ellis
  • Farnush Ghadery
  • Dr Jaya Gajparia
  • Carlos Gonzalo
  • Geoff Goss
  • Maggie Hammond
  • Tirion Havard
  • Sonal Khamajeet
  • Dr Saranzaya Manalsuren
  • Aidan McKearney
  • Sally Mitchell
  • Dr Calvin Moorley
  • Dr Federica Rossi
  • Dr Allan Tyler
  • Graham Audley,
  • Anne Gray,
  • Nadia Imtiaz
  • Sarah Merton
  • Dr Lisa Pine
  • Becky Shepherd
  • Hiten Solanki
  • Dr Chris Waller
  • Molly Brooker-Corcoran
  • Tracey Davanna
  • Karen Golding
  • Megha Kashyap
  • Zoe Leadley-Meade
  • Nicki Martin
  • Fumi St Marthe
  • Martha Shaw
  • Mira Wille
  • Preethy Premkumar
  • Corinna Woolmer
  • Fatema Zohora
  • Andy Owusu
  • Alan Taylor

The Race, Gender and Sexualities research group schedules a range of events including book launches, conferences, research away days, workshops and longtable events.

Policing in Crisis?

Policing in Crisis? 2/2

Past Events

RGS is involved in a number of research projects, national and international collaborations, including:

  • ‘Feminist policymaking in turbulent times’: Clara Eroukhmanoff (LSBU) and Hannah Partis-Jennings (Loughborough University) are leading on an edited volume with Routledge, which involves a network of scholars and practitioners (UNDP, Womankind Worldwide, ActionAid, Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy). This network explores the contested nature of feminist policymaking in three areas of policy (foreign policy, security/defence, economic policy) and seeks to address some of the challenges that are engendered by the inclusion of feminist ideas in large institutions. Clara is also part of the UK Feminist Foreign Policy Working Group, a membership network for UK organisations and individual practitioners interested in intersectional feminist solutions to foreign policy problems.  They are currently working on a UK Feminist Foreign Policy manifesto.
  • Special Issue for the Journal of Settler Colonial Studies (2019) co-edited by Elian Weizman, Yara Hawari and Sharri Plonski. Elian Weizman was also Coordinator of the research network and laboratory “unsettling the global settler colonial present’ (with Sharri Plonski, James Eastwood and Jessica Jurgutis) (2016-present).
  • Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women's Rights (2020): Cait Beaumont contributed to the British Library Exhibition book (accompanying the exhibition of the same name) and wrote an article 'Women in Parliament 1918-2020' for the British Library website. This work is impactful in terms of highlighting to the general public the contribution of housewives' association and traditional women's organisations to the women's movement in late twentieth and early twenty first century Britain.
  • The Student Voice #2: Decolonising the Curriculum, (2020): Shaminder Takhar, Rashid Aziz and Esmorie Miller. As part of this project, they have constructed a university website on Decolonising the Curriculum. They had previously received funding from LSBU’s What Works for their project on the BAME Attainment Gap (2019).

A noteworthy funding bid that was recently rewarded to a member of this group is:

Dr Elian Weizman was awarded an Early Career Fellowship from the Independent Social Research Foundation with the title: The Threshold of Criminalisation: Cartographies of State Vulnerabilities and Anti-Colonial Resistance in Israel/Palestine (September 2021 for £60,000).

Below are a number of resources created by, and linked to the Race, Gender and Sexualities Research Group. 

The RGS Edited blogposts for the LSBU Blog #Write4Change



Artwork by Dr Pen Mendonca

1918-2018: 100 Years of the Women's Vote in Britain - How Far Have We Come?

The Gender and Sexualities Research Group at London South Bank University celebrates 100 years of the women's vote by taking a contemporary approach reflecting on winning citizenship and how this has impacted on women's lives in politics and activism, the Criminal Justice System, STEM subjects, academia, migration and agency.