Disclosing Barring Service (DBS)

It’s what you do that counts

We cannot stress enough how important the Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check is in helping you land your dream job. Your DBS is essential now for going on placements and vital throughout your future healthcare career.

Why do you need a DBS?

Put simply, you need one to go on placement and eventually to work, as no hospital or other healthcare environment will employ you without one. You need what is called an ‘enhanced DBS check’, so even if you’ve had a DBS before, all pre-registration students need to be DBS cleared again. Don’t worry the process is straightforward, although it can take a while so start as early as possible.

What’s the process?

You’ll receive an email from our DBS supplier (Verifile) before you start your course.

The email will contain instructions on how to log into the Verifile system and complete your personal details and information. To complete the process you'll need you:

  • passport or driving licence
  • 5-year address history

When you've finished, your Disclosure Statement will be mailed to the most recent address in your submission, so please make sure it's correct. LSBU will not receive a copy of your DBS statement so please ensure you keep this document safe as you may be asked to produce it for host placements or work.

If there are disclosures on your DBS we will be advised by Verifile. You will be asked to submit a copy for us to review and if applicable this will be sent to our professional virtual panel to assess the disclosures.

Social work applicants

If you’re a Social Work applicant, you’ll need to pay £46 for your DBS. You can do this online. Once you complete the checkout and payment process you’ll be sent a confirmation of payment.

Please then email hscdbsoh@lsbu.ac.uk with a copy of your confirmation email.

DBS update service

If your subscription is up to date and you already have a DBS certificate for an enhanced level check with both adult and child workforce. Please be advised that we are able to accept update service certificates by emailing us on hscdbsoh@lsbu.ac.uk or students can bring their certificate into the Student Life Centre based in our Borough Road building by booking an appointment first.

Document check

Once you have completed the online part of the DBS process, you will need to produce three accepted documents from this list (PDF File 248 KB) to be verified.

Providing documents whilst campus is closed due to COVID-19

Document check at the Post Office

Frequently asked questions

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Next steps

Need support?

Have queries about DBS or the document checks? We’re with you all the way so please email us at service@verifile.co.uk.

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