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Our students are able to experience simulated situations which closely resemble the nursing challenges they will face in real life

Our facilities are impressive and make a big difference to our students' experience. The K2 building at Southwark campus features specially designed lecturing and teaching rooms as well as a whole new suite of sophisticated nursing skills laboratories with many of the latest healthcare innovations. The laboratories are the ideal place to practice skills in a safe environment that accurately recreates hospital and community situations.

The nursing skills labs are used by all student nurses and midwives throughout their courses. They learn manual handling and basic life support skills as well as skills that are specific to their field of nursing or midwifery.

Meanwhile, our midwifery students have a Real-time Labour Ward that is set up to simulate the range of delivery environments available to labouring women. The students can rehearse dealing with emergencies in a simulated setting.

Virtual tours

Take a tour of the nursing skills labs.

Nursing skills labs tour

Take a tour of the Real-time Labour Ward.

Real-time Labour Ward tour

Facility case studies

  • Nurses attending to SimMan

    Nursing skills labs

    The Nursing Skills Labs will prepare for your clinical placements and help you practise scenarios you might find challenging while on work experience. You’ll face situations and challenges that reflect life in a real hospital ward or operating theatre.

  • The Real-time Labour Ward

    Real-time Labour Ward

    The Real-time Labour Ward has sophisticated life-like mannequins which respond to your actions and display a wide range of physical states. You will learn how to confidently deliver a baby and deal with any birth complications in an environment reminiscent of a real labour.

  • Nurses working on SimMan


    The nursing wards have simulator mannequins: SimMan, Sim Junior, SimBaby and SimMom. These life-size mannequins are computer controlled and can be programmed with various clinical conditions. These are operated by a computer in real-time and so respond to a student's actions. They also allow students to see the outcome of specific interventions in certain scenarios.

  • Nurses in a skills lab

    Critical Care Skills Laboratory

    The Critical Care Skills Laboratory gives nursing students at LSBU a truly lifelike experience. Students rotate between different "skills stations" to get hands-on experience of various technical aspects of nursing education in a safe environment.

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