Computer Science and Informatics

Computer Science and Informatics specialists are in demand all over the world because their applied skills can transform businesses, the public and third sector

Businesses rely increasingly on Computer Science and Informatics, and the speed with which computing technology continues to transform our daily lives is truly astonishing. Specialists in this subject area are in demand all over the world because their applied skills can revolutionise businesses and organisations of all kinds.

Graduating from LSBU's School of Engineering will provide you with not only a degree, but skills and competencies in your chosen area. Our graduates have gone on to find challenging and rewarding careers in sectors that include telecommunications, retail, small and medium-sized enterprises, financial services and the public sector, to name just a few.

Our courses are accredited or developed in partnership with the leading professional accrediting bodies - in particular the Chartered Institute for IT (BCS).

Strength of the industry

Research undertaken by the e-skills council in 2012 showed that IT and Telecoms play a large role in working Britain, with a workforce of around 1.5 million. Of these, 862,700 people work in IT and Telecoms products and services, and 673,900 are IT and Telecoms professionals working for organisations outside IT and Telecoms industries. Indeed, the IT sector now employs one in 20 of all jobs in the UK. It's fair to say that careers in IT have never been so important.

Our graduates have secured enviable positions as data administrators, project coordinators, technical service coordinators, IT managers, IT Directors, IT systems team leaders, data scientists, business intelligence analysts and e-commerce technical managers. They work in a variety of different industries, such as healthcare, retail, transport and finance.

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University Support

LSBU's Employability Service offers advice on how to shape your career. This complete service provides free professional information, advice and guidance while you study at LSBU and for up to two years after you graduate.