Mechanical Engineering and Design

Our approach is based on good design practice and applied engineering problem-solving

Mechanical Engineering and Design students engage in enterprising problem-solving assignments, using good design practice and applied study. Courses cover a broad range of industry pursuits.

Mechanical engineers and designers are generally well-paid and respected professionals. They work in a fast-paced and dynamic industry, and there's always a high demand for specialists in this area. There is a wealth of career opportunities available for those with a degree in mechanical engineering or design.

Accreditation and recognition

Accreditation is a mark of quality assurance and professional relevance, and many employers actively seek graduates holding accredited degrees. That's why all engineering and design degrees at LSBU are accredited or developed in partnership with the leading professional accrediting bodies - in particular the Institution of Engineering Designers and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

The Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) is the UK's only professional body representing those working in the field of Engineering Design. Members work in a diverse range of industries that span product design, architecture, mechanical, automotive and aircraft design, design education, IT and computing.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) is the fastest growing professional engineering institution in the UK, with around 100,000 members working at the heart of the country's most important and dynamic industries.

Mechanical Engineering at LSBU is ranked 1st for student experience and teaching quality in the UK (Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020).

Careers information

All of our individual course entries have specialist careers information. You can search our courses and download our Careers in Engineering Guide (PDF File 3,650 KB).

Careers in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most diverse of all engineering disciplines, with employment opportunities available across pretty much every sector you can think of – energy, transport, aviation, motor companies, robotics, pharmaceuticals and the marine industry. Mechanical Engineers can also find themselves involved in managing people and resources, as well as in developing new materials and technologies. Read more about our Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons) course.

Careers in Design

Making a product desirable and attractive involves far more than just thinking about whether it looks good, feels right and is user-friendly. We give all our students the skills of industrial designers need to make successful and profitable products from the conceptual stage to the finished article. Graduates find roles in all areas of 3D design, including toy, exhibition and product design and consultancy. Read more about our Product Design BSc (Hons) course and our Engineering Product Design BSc (Hons) course.

Providing a platform

Each year students have the opportunity to gain industry exposure in a professional summer show exhibition at the University. The 10 most noteworthy designers then go on to exhibit at London's New Designers annual exhibition. The private view of our Product Design and Engineering Product Design students' end of year exhibition took place in the Keyworth Building, Keyworth Street and was a huge success, pulling in a considerable crowd of family, friends and fellow designers.

The Nathu Puri Institute

The Nathu Puri Institute, based at LSBU, fosters enterprise amongst engineers to help prepare the next generation of leaders and to support the UK's engineering industry and to enhance its competitive edge from an international perspective.

Prof. Nathu Puri is an alumnus, an honorary graduate, a donor and a close friend of London South Bank University. Prof Puri owns Purico, a group of companies with total annual sales of over $650 million. His passion for securing deals remains undimmed; these days however his attention is increasingly focused on charitable work, with a particular emphasis on education.

University Support

LSBU's Employability Service offers advice on how to shape your career. This complete service provides free professional information, advice and guidance while you study at LSBU and for up to two years after you graduate.


Develop your automotive expertise in our extensive lab complex. Study this innovative course full-time or part-time.

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Accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMecE) this BEng Mechanical Engineering degree is the first step towards Chartered Engineer status.

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This course is one of the longest running degrees to be fully accredited with the Institution of Engineering Designers (IED). Includes 1 year industrial placement.

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Accredited by the Institution of Engineering Designers this exciting and challenging course teaches you how to design effective products and become a well-rounded designer with a broad range of skills.

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This Engineering qualification offers a route into the engineering professions for those who have not followed the traditional A Level route.

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Develop your automotive expertise in our extensive lab complex. This integrated degree offers the most direct route CEng status.

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This integrated MEng Mechanical Engineering degree offers the most direct route to chartered engineer status.

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This broad-based Mechanical Engineering masters will provide you with opportunities to deepen your engineering knowledge.

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A member of staff, expert in the chosen field, is directly responsible for guiding and supporting your research programme. Offered full-time and part-time.

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A member of staff, expert in the chosen field, is directly responsible for guiding and supporting your research programme. Offered full-time and part-time.

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A member of staff, expert in the chosen field, is directly responsible for guiding and supporting your research programme. Offered full-time and part-time.

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Top-up to BEng course designed to offer professional development for those with HND qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, looking to specialise in manufacturing, power and plant engineering

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You'll gain the knowledge and training needed to meet future demands for products and services in mechanical engineering, mechatronics and product and engineering product design.

Well-placed and considered investment means you'll have access to up-to-date and large-scale workshops, laboratories and design studios. And you'll learn in an environment that is absolutely in tune with leading technologies.

Virtual tour

Take a tour of the Engine and Petrol Laboratories.

Engine and Petrol Labs tour


  • Students using Virtual Engineering lab equipment

    Virtual Engineering lab

    Our virtual engineering laboratory allows engineering students to walk around their designs and view them in 3-D, as well as experiment and improve on them in real-time.


  • Design and manufacturing workshops – traditional soft modelling and prototyping facilities, the latest Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining technology, industry-standard lathes, milling machines and metal sheet cutters
  • Rapid prototyping technology – multi-material 3D printers and laser cutters.


  • Innovative virtual engineering laboratory with multi-avatar virtual reality capability
  • Electronics laboratories for process and machine control, and coding for microprocessors and the Arduino platform
  • Dedicated robotics and mechatronics laboratory
  • Engine laboratory (diesel and petrol)
  • Thermodynamic laboratory
  • Materials testing laboratory

Software packages

Adobe Suite
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere: industry standard software for professional graphic design, film and video editing and website development.
Autodesk Suite
AutoCAD, Inventor, Alias, VRed: a comprehensive 3D rendering software package that delivers simulation, collaboration, visualisation and digital prototyping tools for the complete design and engineering process.
Simulation software that enables students to create models that predict how their products will operate in the real world. For example, our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) package allows students to model air flow over vehicles, while our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) package helps students select the optimum materials and components for their design proposals.
Siemens NX
This advanced engineering package is perfect for digital manufacture and equips students for work in a typical professional environment.
MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. You can use MATLAB for a range of applications, including signal processing and communications, control systems, test and measurement. More than a million engineers and scientists in industry and academia use MATLAB, the language of technical computing.
A graphical programming platform that helps engineers scale from design to test, and from small to large systems. It is a development environment for problem solving, accelerated productivity, and continual innovation.

Facilities for materials testing

Our facilities for materials research are extensive and include sophisticated equipment for growing engineering coatings and functional thin films for devices such as solar cells. They support sophisticated characterisation techniques, including electron and atomic force microscopies and nanohardness testing that probe materials at the nanoscale.

In our on-going desire to be in line with current technologies, we have installed scanning acoustic microscopy technology to non-destructively examine sub-surface defects and features.

Accessing our facilities

Our extensive facilities and talented students and staff are regularly involved in knowledge transfer and consultation activities with industry. Follow these links to find out more about how we work with businesses at LSBU and about facilities and venue hire at LSBU.

Dr Deborah Andrews

Job title: Associate Professor - Design
Telephone: 020 7815 7682

Deborah specialises in sustainable design and manufacture and their application in new and emerging business models, as well as human-centred and inclusive design.

Dr Michael A. Berthaume

Job title: Lecturer
Telephone: 020 7815 7564

Dr Berthaume is a lecturer in the Division of Mechanical Engineering and Design. He started his tenure at LSBU in the fall of 2019. Prior to LSBU, he was a research associate at Imperial College London, University of Durham, Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology, and University of Hull. With degrees and research experience in both anthropology and engineering, his work has focused on the creation/establishment of the field of anthroengineering. He has hosted several symposia on the subject, and has established Berthaume Anthroengineering (BAE) labs at LSBU to develop the subject.

Ben Clarke

Job title: Lecturer in Engineering Product Design
Telephone: 020 7815 7609

Ben Clarke is a Lecturer in Engineering Product Design for the School of Engineering.

Alessio Corso

Job title: Head of Division
Telephone: 020 7815 7104

Alessio has lectured in Higher Education since 2010 and has worked in industry as a Product Design Engineer, specialising in medical products.

Dr Ana Catarina De Almeida Marques

Job title: Senior Research Fellow

Catarina Marques is a Senior Research Fellow at London South Bank University (LSBU) with 15 years’ experience working on funded research projects in the areas of refrigeration, district heating and cooling, food and thermal storage materials.

Dr Mark Ellis

Job title: Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Telephone: 020 7815 7189

Mark joined LSBU in 2011 as Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.

Andrew Forkes

Job title: Senior Lecturer Industrial Design / Course Director, BSc (Hons) Product Design
Telephone: 020 7815 7693

Andrew lectures in industrial design and works with students to foster a creative and professional attitude to an industry that is constantly evolving due to societal and technological change.

Prof. David Gawne

Job title: Visiting Professor of Engineering Materials
Telephone: 020 7815 7641

David is a Visiting Professor of Engineering Materials and his research activities include surface engineering, polymers, ceramics and glass-based composites.

Dr Saurav Goel

Job title: Associate Professor
Telephone: 020 7815 7581

Dr. Goel is an Associate Professor in the Division of Mechanical Engineering and Design in the School of Engineering at LSBU

Geoff Goss

Job title: Associate Professor

Geoff is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering.

Dr Abas Hadawey

Job title: Course Director for MSc Mechanical Engineering
Telephone: 020 7815 7537

Dr Abas Hadawey is a senior lecturer in School of Engineering, with BSc, MSc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

Robin Jones

Job title: Associate Professor
Telephone: 020 7815 8213

Robin's interest is focused on the emergent multi-disciplinary practices in product design, centred on the user-centric design and the factors appertaining to product success.

Dr Shyamal Mondal

Job title: Lecturer
Telephone: 020 7815 7175

Shymal has a background in automated system, followed by an MSc in Real Time System. He has many years of experience in NDT research projects. His research interests are in automated NDT, control systems and mechatronics. He teaches mechatronics and control across mechanical courses.

Prof. Marouan Nazha

Job title: Emeritus Professor
Telephone: 020 7815 7555

Marouan is an Emeritus Professor with an established research record and proven academic experience, having worked in three UK universities and been an external examiner to many others.

Susana Soares

Job title: Senior Lecturer
Telephone: 020 7815 7621

Susana is a designer, researcher and lecturer. Her work often explores future technological implications for public engagement and awareness. This includes developing collaborative frameworks between design and other disciplines.

Ravee Sundararajan

Job title: Senior Lecturer in Mechanical and Advanced Vehicle Engineering
Telephone: 020 7815 7108

Ravee Sundararajan has a broad ranging teaching and research background and has worked on a variety of projects both in industry and academia. He is a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical and Advanced Vehicle Engineering programme.

Barney Townsend

Job title: Senior Lecturer - BSc (Hons) Engineering Product Design
Telephone: 020 7815 7633

Barney Townsend's teaches on Design Methods, CAD, and Prototyping, and his research explores novel CAD interfaces and future applications for additive manufacturing technologies.