Science and Innovation Centre for Industry (S&ICI)

Science and Innovation Centre for Industry (S&ICI)

AI & AIV, Future Energy Sources, Storage, Air, where research has one goal: a better future

Message from Alexandre H.R. Roustaei (Director)

Alexandre H.R. Roustaei

Welcome to the Science and Innovation Centre for Industry (S&ICI) at LSBU, a fully UK owned entity, with a clear vision to be a  leader in developing new projects with global impact through genuine and realistic business models, state-of-the-art technologies, high-quality products and services to close the gap between scientific research and Industry.

Our aim is to offer, grow, diversify and generate a responsible knowledge transfer, value and technology to our members worldwide.

LSBU’s long history, and our innovative solutions helped to establish S&ICI as an outstanding technology and solution provider by continually investigating new and different concepts to succeed in the global marketplace. We appreciate the trust bestowed upon us by our qualified investors and we intend to demonstrate our partnerships by expanding S&ICI’s activities in the Asia, Africa, Central America, Middle East and the USA.

Since its inception in 2019, S&ICI has grown by strategically investing in Solar, Energy Storage, Air Project, AI & AIV and tomorrow’s smart cities and smart mobilities. By creating new opportunities in these sectors, S&ICI makes a pivotal contribution to global economic development, helping to consistently bring globally impactful innovations for funding while simultaneously providing upscaling resources and expertise guaranteeing successful industrialization, while rewarding our academic and scientific staff.

At the heart of S&ICI operations is a team of diverse and highly qualified, internationally leading professionals, each of whom has been chosen for their commitment to excellence in research and innovation. We draw from this tremendous talent pool to create a centre committed to the success of our project investors. I’m particularly proud of our members’ significant expertise in the new era of worldwide equipment suppliers using state of the art Artificial Intelligence and intelligent manufacturing methods, incorporating them into our production process pilot lines.

S&ICI’s Join Technology Initiative “JTI” will create Innovations that will drive the future economy while understanding the processes, to develop business opportunities from advanced institutional cooperation programs.

I would like to express my appreciation to the management and staff of LSBU for their fruitful efforts in assisting the S&ICI to achieve its objectives and vision.

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