Polymeric Materials Engineering, Research & Innovation Centre (PolyMERIC)

Establishing a world class centre specialising in polymer technology

PolyMERIC is mainly focused on advanced/smart polymers and reinforced thermoplastics, joining of thermoplastics and non-destructive testing techniques that can be utilised to be used with these materials.

The centre researches into and develops new polymer materials, testing and inspection methodologies in harsh environments, in the TRL1-6 region, to support the work of TWI. It does this by identifying the future needs of its industrial membership base and establishing an excellent research environment underpinned by MSc, PhD researchers and academic staff driven by industry

PolyMERIC’s mission is to become a world-class centre specialising in polymer technology with a view to growing a portfolio of activities, including innovation projects and PhD studies with testing and inspection methodologies applied on polymer materials. The centre aims to develop new applications for an integrated systems approach for many industrial sectors’ interests and usage.

Investigated topics

Established in 2018; the Polymeric Materials Engineering, Research & Innovation Centre (PolyMERIC) focuses mainly on:

  • Selection and evaluation of polymers for new applications
  • Metal replacement in different industry sectors including OIL & GAS, energy, automotive, aerospace and construction
  • Recycling of polymers
  • Welding of polymeric components
  • Functional and smart polymers
  • Inspection techniques for polymer materials in harsh environments

Current projects

We have secured funding for our PROMOTE project, aimed at producing advanced pipe relining technology manufactured from plastic waste recyclates with £960k total budget; £140k for PolyMERIC.

In addition to PROMOTE, our proposal for Innovative Tooling, End-Effector Development and Industrialisation for Welding of Thermoplastic Components (TCTOOL) was also secured through the Clean Sky programme and European Commission within the first year of the operation.

To contact us, please email Dr Amir Khamsehnezhad.

The centre team members are polymer experts with a combination of different technical backgrounds relevant to polymers including chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer science and materials. The collective pool of knowledge and  expertise of the centre, facilitates growth and expansion of the centre activities into different areas of polymer engineering and addressing challenges being faced by society and industry within these fields.

Academic staff

  • Dr Amir Khamsehnezhad

Postgraduate research students

  • Dr Asish Malas

As part of its growth strategy, the centre engages and collaborates with a number of key industrial and academic organisations in different industry sectors. This collaboration/partnership allows the parties involved to expand their activities within a specific field or expand into a new field of business.

  • Secured £240k in first year of operation.
  • Recruited  one new researcher for the partnership.
  • Engaged with six new partners as part of projects secured.