Executive team

Our executive team work towards a clear vision of future development

Prof. Asa Barber

School/Division: Engineering
Job title: Dean of Engineering
Telephone: 020 7815 7502

Professor Asa Barber is the Dean of Engineering. His interests are in materials engineering, particularly the mechanical behaviour of composite-like structures.

Dr Ben Lishman

School/Division: Engineering
Job title: Interim Director of Education & Student Experience
Telephone: 020 7928 7532

Dr Ben Lishman is Interim Director of Education & Student Experience. He teaches solid mechanics, finite element analysis, and engineering principles. As a researcher, he is interested in the material properties and solid mechanics of ice, in the Arctic and elsewhere.

Prof. Sandra Dudley

School/Division: Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Job title: Director of Research and Enterprise
Telephone: 020 7815 7124

Sandra specialises in the areas of radio and optical communication system design, assistive living and sensor systems and is a member of the School Academic Standards Committee.

Andrew Casey

School/Division: Engineering
Job title: School Executive Administrator
Telephone: 020 7815 7620

Andrew Casey has worked in Higher Education administration since 2007, having undertaken a number of different roles pertaining to varying aspects of university life. He now supports the work of the Dean of School and the School of Engineering’s academic staff as Executive Administrator.

Prof. Steve Dunn

School/Division: Engineering / Chemical and Energy Engineering
Job title: Head of Chemical and Energy Engineering.
Telephone: 020 7815 7183

Professor Steve Dunn has a research background in the processing of functional ceramics and hybrid systems and is now Head of Chemical and Energy Engineering.

George Ubakanma

School/Division: Engineering / Computer Science and Informatics
Job title: Head of Department
Telephone: 020 7815 7403

George specializes in Data Science, Business Intelligence and Data Management; he also has research publications in the areas of Autonomous Vehicle’s and IoT for Smart Cities.

Alessio Corso

School/Division: Engineering / Mechanical Engineering and Design
Job title: Head of Division
Telephone: 020 7815 7104

Alessio has lectured in Higher Education since 2010 and has worked in industry as a Product Design Engineer, specialising in medical products.

Dr Oswaldo Cadenas

School/Division: Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Job title: Head of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Telephone: 020 7815 7589

Dr Oswaldo Cadenas is a Senior Lecturer in the division of Electrical and Electronics, School of Engineering