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Our staff

Their in-depth expertise underpins an applied approach.

Dr Eiman Aleem

Job title: Associate Professor of Biomedical Science
Telephone: 020 7815 7986

Dr Eiman Aleem is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Science, the Interim Course Director for BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition and Chair of the Gender Equality Staff Network at LSBU.

Mark Amaral

Job title: Lecturer
Telephone: 020 7815 7950

Mark is the newest addition to the teaching staff on the BSc (Hons) Forensic Science programme at London South Bank University.

Dr Soran AminiAghdam

Job title: Research Fellow

Dr Soran AminiAghdam is a Research Fellow in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science Research Centre, specialising in Movement Science.

Stephen Bleay

Job title: Senior Lecturer
Telephone: 020 7815 7946

Dr Steve Bleay is a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science in the School of Applied Sciences.

Mario Borges

Job title: Lecturer in Sports Coaching and Analysis
Telephone: 020 7815 7935

Mario's areas of teaching are: Sport Coaching and Analysis, Sport and Exercise Science, Sports Pedagogy and Coaching Methodologies. His research interests are in sports coaching, coach behaviours, coach expertise, coach education, learning and professional development.

Prof. Martin Chaplin

Job title: Emeritus Professor
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7815 7652

Dr Rita F. de Oliveira

Job title: Associate Professor in Sport and Exercise Science
Telephone: 020 7815 7959

Rita is a Senior Lecturer for BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science. Background in human movement science and psychology, focusing on developmental disorders of coordination, embodied cognition, driving, and performance optimisation.

Dr Gaspar Epro

Job title: Senior Lecturer
Telephone: 020 7815 5454

Dr Gaspar Epro is a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the School of Applied Sciences (Sport and Exercise Science Research Centre) at London South Bank University (LSBU).

Steven Hunter

Job title: Associate Professor; Subject Group Leader in Sport and Exercise Science; Head of Human Sciences
Telephone: 020 7815 7965

Steve Hunter is an Associate Professor in the Division of Human Science, School of Applied Science. He is currently the Head of Division of Human Sciences. His specialist subject area is Exercise Physiology. He has over 30 years experience teaching and learning on Sport and Exercise Science degree programmes. His research interests are: Exercise, health & wellbeing; Strength and conditioning; Athlete testing evaluation and training.

Dr Darren James

Job title: Senior Lecturer
Telephone: 020 7815 7935

Darren James is a Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics and member of the Sport & Exercise Science Research Centre (SESRC).

Prof. Kiros Karamanidis

Job title: Professor of Ageing and Exercise Science
Telephone: 020 7815 7991

Kiros is Professor of Ageing and Exercise Science at the School of Applied Sciences and his main research interest is focused on the plasticity of the musculoskeletal system in response to exercise.

Dr Jin Luo

Job title: Associate Professor in Medical Technology
Telephone: 020 7815 7941

Dr Luo specialises in biomechanics. His research interest is on the development of new technologies to promote healthy ageing and to treat ageing-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Dr Mohammed Mansour

Dr Mansour is currently teaching and leading modules in the BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science course at LSBU such as Biochemistry and Genetics and Molecular Biology. He adopts blended and active learning principles – making the learning active, engaging and collaborative. Dr Mansour has a wide teaching expertise at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in 3 different nations (Egypt, Japan & UK). In UK, during his postdoctoral training at Universities of Glasgow and Southampton, he engaged in several teaching and mentoring activities. For instance, he lectured in BIOL6077 (skills in Molecular Bioscience) and BIOL2011 (tutorials) at School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK.
During his academic position in Egypt (2015-2017), he had both teaching and research activities. At the teaching level, he lectured in practical Biochemical courses including clinical Biochemistry, Enzymology, Molecular Biology, etc. for undergraduate students from the faculties of Dentistry, Science and Education. In addition, he gave lectures on topics such as Molecular Carcinogenesis, Metabolic regulation, Protein Chemistry, Neurochemistry, Immunology and Bio-analytical techniques. Among research activities conducted in Egypt, he supervised up to 2 master and 1 doctoral course students to lead their own projects in the fields of Cancer Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The research goals of some of these projects were for designing novel drugs for inhibiting autophagic flux in cancer, sortase enzyme in pathogenic bacteria and hexokinase activity in Ehrlich-ascites carcinoma. Moreover, he participated and organized a number of international conferences and has been selected from a high research profile committee at university of Tanta to generally supervise research activities at the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Research.

Prof. Katya Mileva

Job title: Professor in Human Neurophysiology; Director of the Sport and Exercise Science Research Centre
Telephone: 020 7815 6281

Katya's main research focuses on the neurophysiology of movement with particular emphasis on the neuromuscular and cardiovascular effects of physical activity and agents, as well as on electrophysiological signal processing.

Sophie Park

Job title: Course Director and Senior Lecturer
Telephone: 020 7815 7979

Sophie Park specialises in biological evidence with interests in the transfer and persistence of trace levels of DNA and DNA profiling.

Prof. Markus Raab

Job title: Professor
Telephone: 020 7815 5466

Markus contributes to the field of embodiments and pan interdisciplinary theoretical developments and methodological innovations.

Dr Clive Steele

Job title: Associate Professor; Head of Division of Human Sciences
Telephone: 020 7815 7989

Clive has been teaching at LSBU for almost 30 years. He started his teaching career by teaching reactor engineering and safety on the BEng degree in Chemical Engineering and working as a member of the Explosion and Fire research group.

Miguel Toribio-Mateas

Job title: Innovation Consultant – London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic (LAFIC)
Telephone: 020 7815 8132

Miguel is a nutritional neuroscience practitioner/researcher with a longstanding background in the development of real world/consumer applications of microbiome science and technology.

Dr Lisa Zaidell

Job title: Research Fellow
Telephone: 020 7815 7986

Lisa is a Research Fellow with the Sport and Exercise Science Research Centre.

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