Subject DIY

Complete a DIY taster session from your classroom or home.

Subject DIY is a new project designed to support students’ understanding of a range of subjects offered at LSBU. Our Do-It-Yourself approach means that sessions can be delivered in a classroom with little to no knowledge of the subject area whilst still having impact.

Each subject session includes an introduction to the Subject DIY series, a video lecture from one of our academics, an activity to apply your learning and information on the course. This will provide a flavor into what studying the course here at LSBU is like.

These resources can be used by teachers or careers leaders to help students take the first step towards exploring a subject area and are a great way to get an initial taste before heading to our campus to find out more. Equally, you can complete the session individually at home if you are looking to explore a particular area of interest.

After the session, we ask that you complete our survey and encourage you to share pictures, photocopies or examples of your work with us so that we can see how you found the session.

If you have any questions about Subject DIY, please email us on

BSc Baking Science and Food Technology

Baking Science and Technology – Subject DIY Powerpoint (PPTX File 577 KB)

Baking Science and Technology – Subject DIY Worksheet (PDF File 496 KB)

More sessions will be added to this webpage when sessions become available.