Applied Sciences

Our on-campus facilities are open and available for you to use, and we continue to provide support to our students as normal. We have a wide variety of laboratories, which offer you an extensive experience of scientific investigation and analysis.

All of our courses are being delivered using a blended learning approach, which means a combination of on-campus and online learning and teaching. On-campus activities across all of our courses will be those things which we believe are best delivered face-to-face, in terms of your learning experience. These activities will include laboratory and practical sessions, as well as small group tutorials and seminars.

To help keep the amount of time on-campus to a safe minimum, all courses are providing a range of interactive online learning activities, including pre-recorded and live-streamed lectures, group seminars, discussion forums, and tests aimed at helping you to track your own learning progress.

We are also providing opportunities for students to engage with one another online, to help you build and develop a strong learning community with your peers, as well as with your academic course teams. We believe that this is a core part of your university experience, and over the course of the year will be looking to work with students to find out how best to facilitate this sort of activity.

All students will also benefit from having a personal tutor, who will be in contact on a regular basis to check your progress, and offer guidance and support to help you with your studies.

The amount of time you will spend on campus will vary depending on your specific course, as some of our courses have a greater requirement for practical and laboratory work than others.

Please see below for further details around arrangements in place for each subject area:

Baking and Food Science

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Forensic Science