It’s on each of us to play our part in keeping everyone safe from Covid-19. While most restrictions have now been lifted in England, we still need to be mindful and take personal responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe.

Here’s a reminder of our key health and safety guidelines.

1. Get vaccinated

We strongly encourage all our staff and students to get fully vaccinated (unless you have been medically advised not to). You can book an appointment by phoning 119 or via the web link.

The Covid-19 vaccines are given in two doses, then you will be offered a booster. You usually have the second dose 8 to 12 weeks after the first dose, and the booster 12 weeks after your second dose.

The recognised UK vaccines are:

  • Moderna Covid-19 vaccine
  • Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine
  • Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine

If you are travelling from overseas and do not have a recognised UK vaccines you are strongly encouraged to book an appointment.

2. Wear a face covering in busy areas on campus

It is no longer mandatory to wear a face covering in public spaces. However, we still recommend you wear a face covering in crowded areas around campus. We understand that some people will wish to continue to wear a face covering, and we support this, so please be respectful of those who continue to wear a mask.

3. Wash your hands regularly

Please do continue to wash your hands regularly. We have installed sanitising stations with hand sanitisers across our campuses, including at the entrance to buildings and these will continue to be in place for people to use.

4. Stay at home if you feel unwell 

There is no longer a legal requirement to self-isolate if you have Covid, instead follow the guidance the Government have produced for people with Covid and their close contacts. However, the NHS advise that you should still stay at home and avoid contact with other people. This helps reduce the chance of passing COVID-19 on to others. If you feel unwell, make sure to report your absence properly.

5. Let us know if you test positive for Covid-19

From 1 April, unless you work in the NHS, social care, are having an operation/hospital procedure, or have a very specific medical condition, you can no longer get free lateral flow tests. Some pharmacies are offering paid-for tests. You can find out more on the Government website.

If you do get a positive Covid test or have any queries, please let us know at

6. Download the SafeZone app

If you’re coming onto campus or staying in Halls, please use the SafeZone app to help protect our campus and Residence community. The app enables you to receive important updates from the university including things such as road closures, or any building issues (for example if a building is closed due to flooding). It also allows you to request first aid support and has a function where you can be put through to security if there is an emergency or you feel unsafe.

The app is easy to download on your phone and you need to enter your LSBU email address before logging using your normal LSBU credentials (email address and password). Download the app

We #LoveLSBU and we’re proud of our community, so thank you to everyone who has already pulled together to follow the safety measures in place. We all need to continue to act safely and responsibly. If we do this, we will help keep our friends, family, and peers safe.

We will update this page as guidance changes. For students and staff, please also check your LSBU email for the very latest news and advice.