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Technology Development and Commercialisation: an Entrepreneurial Journey

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This programme will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to evaluate leading technologies and develop a compelling business plan, thereby supporting the commercialisation of a technology that they wish to pursue. This could be equally applicable to the formation of a technology-based startup or development of a new business area within an existing organisation.

The programme includes lectures on key concepts and management tools, but crucially this material is combined with an experiential learning component, where participants work in teams to evaluate a leading technology and develop an outline business plan for a tech startup. Participants will learn how to recognise the innovation process and its impact on the enterprise.

Participants completing this demanding programme will not only be provided with up-to-date theory and best practice but they will also experience and gain the skills required for technology-based business planning.

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This programme is aimed at the following people:

  • Those involved in science, technology and engineering fields with an interest in developing commercial and business skills – including people from industrial companies and non-profit organisations.
  • Those looking to develop a new product or service, business area or programme as part of an existing organisation (intrapreneurs).
  • Those looking to develop a new startup company based on a scientific or technology area (entrepreneurs).
  • Other professionals with an interest in technology development and business planning.

How to apply

To apply, please see our payment link. For more information, please contact Daniel Janowski.

Programme dates: We are looking to schedule delivery of this programme in September.

Programme cost: £1,950 plus VAT


The programme will provide participants with the core skills and knowledge related to the evaluation of technologies and subsequent business planning. The course will include the following areas:

  • Introduction to R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Exploration of process-based innovation models
  • Business, innovation and commercialisation strategy frameworks
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Key concepts of intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • Fundamentals of risk management
  • Financial analysis and return on investment
  • Management of innovation in teams and projects

During the programme participants will work together to develop a business plan for a tech startup, which will be presented by the participants on the final day of the programme.


Participants on this programme will gain the following:

  • An excellent understanding of the process for evaluating leading technologies in order to identify potential products and corresponding markets.
  • An in-depth appreciation of how to develop marketing strategies through situational awareness and market segmentation.
  • Deeper insights into the tools and frameworks to support technology and innovation management.
  • A good understanding of the importance of intellectual property (IP) for technology-based businesses.
  • A wider view on strategic management and business planning approaches suited to high-growth technology companies.
  • A solid appreciation of how to structure the finances and effective risk management as part of the business planning process.
  • An improved capacity to be innovative and entrepreneurial for science and technology applications.
  • Access to the latest concepts and frameworks but crucially combined with practical experience and skills to develop a technology-based business plan.

Teaching and learning

The course is taught by Prof. Simon Philbin, the Director of the Nathu Puri Institute for Engineering and Enterprise. The institute is focused on embedding enterprise into engineering education and industrial practice. Simon joined LSBU in 2018 and previously worked as Director of Programme Management at Imperial College London and Executive Chairman of Imperial College Projects Limited. While at Imperial and over 15 years he held various senior management roles, where he was the commercial lead on business planning for a number of centres, institutes, and major programmes. Prior to joining Imperial in 2003, he was at the UK Ministry of Defence (DERA) where he worked in project management and scientific roles.

Simon holds a BSc (University of Birmingham) and PhD (Brunel University) in chemistry as well as an MBA with distinction (Open University Business School). He has experience of working with different industrial sectors, including defence, oil & gas, high-tech manufacturing, nuclear power and healthcare.

Simon currently serves as the President of the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) and he has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2014. Previous academic roles include Visiting Fellow at Imperial College Business School and Visiting Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Fellow of ASEM.


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