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LSBU Moves

Get moving, get creative and get rewarded

LSBU Active is delighted to bring to you LSBU Moves – don’t miss out, download LSBU Moves today and start earning points for being active!

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How does it work?

Get Moving - Any time, anywhere – and receive points for being active. The more points you get the more rewards you will receive. From coffee to hoodies, and some new discount codes to spend online- your points can earn you great prizes.

This is more than an activity tracker. There are weekly challenges to face and opportunities to compete with your fellow flat mates, course friends and teammates.

What is LSBU Moves?

Why should I sign up?

How do I sign up to LSBU Moves?

What rewards are available?

What is Double Points Thursdays?

Why doesn't my activity match up on LSBU Moves?

Why can't I join two step challenges at the same time?

What if I am not living local to campus, can I still use the app?

What types of activity can I track?

Tell me more about Donate to LSBU In Africa Project and where my points go?

Can I earn 50 extra points for every friend or colleague that I invite to the app that ends up accepting the invitation?

What do our students think about LSBU Moves?

"I love it, LSBU Moves is the reason I get out the house and active” – First Year Accounting and Finance student
"LSBU Moves it's the app I didn't know I need it. From challenges to meeting new people, it provides all the tools to stay active and rewards you for any type of progress. Would definitely recommend it to all students!" – MSc international marketing Student
“Thanks to LSBU Moves I've started running again. It really gave me a reason to exercise during lockdown and helped keep me sane. Would definitely recommend!” - First Year BSc Clinical Psychology Student