Swati Umale, Master of Business Project Management

Swati loves exploring new technologies. She had previously worked as an ICT Technician and a Service Support Engineer in education, health and corporate environments – when she came across the term Project Management. "I got my inspiration from bigger projects and how they are executed. Keeping in mind this as well as my dream of climbing the corporate ladder made me decide to go to university and study this course."

It was after attending an open day that Swati decided LSBU was the right university for her. "I was particularly impressed by the facilities, especially the IT and library."

Practical teaching

One thing in particular Swati has found useful on the course has been examining real project samples. "My lecturer highlights the strategies used in real projects. We discuss them and our lecturer also asks us to complete a few hands-on exercises which articulate my thoughts. He then checks and conveys how it should be done. This gives us an idea of how things actually work. I particularly enjoyed the practice scenarios as it's interesting to apply the topics taught. It is more enriching because doing this helps you remember the detail."

"I think almost every module of this course is enriching. I gained insight to important aspects of Business Case Development in which the financial analysis was quite interesting. Apart from this I loved the Operational Research as it gave more of analysis using systems approaches. The discussion in Business Risk Innovation and Change really got me thinking too."

Enriching experience

"My experience at LSBU has been quite enriching in every sense. The ultra-modern facilities, connectivity and ability to share via Skydrive is fantastic. I feel my lecturers are helpful and informative in every sense. They make every possible effort to teach complex subjects in an effective way. The use of laboratory for hands-on practice gives the real life experience. The university atmosphere is positive as I get to see many faculties which push me to continually improve."

Swati is also a Student Representative for her course. This means she takes feedback from the students on the course and conveys it to the faculty, helping to continually improve the course by addressing concerns early on. "It's ideal as I love to talk to my fellow students and discuss any of their concerns."

"This course has given me much needed insight into the core of project management. With this they have widened my perspective and control over the important strategies which a successful Project Manager needs."

After graduating, Swati first wants to put her new skills to use in her career. However in the long-term, she is hoping to get the chance to carry out some research in the field.


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