Stuart Thieffry, BA (Hons) Business Administration, employer-sponsored study

He is also sponsored by his employer via the University's Business Employer Study scheme.

Rapid progression

After graduating from high school, Stuart became a snowboard instructor in Switzerland. However, he got injured and was forced to reconsider his options. He decided to go in a completely different direction – working as an intern in procurement at ARMO oil refineries in Tirana, Albania.

"After one month I was performing purchases without any supervision and after one month and a half I had changed the sourcing procedures ARMO was using. I was then offered a permanent position. Six months later I was promoted from procurement specialist to procurement manager. I held this position for a period of eight months, before being sponsored by my CEO to study at LSBU." Stuart still returns to ARMO every summer, working from July to September.

Course representative

Once at LSBU, Stuart settled down quickly. He has been course representative for two consecutive years, an experience he has found rewarding and allowed him to influence how the course is taught in future. "Teaching staff always consider our opinions and induced change where we thought there was a need. This was done either through face to face meetings with the course directors, the course board and the national student survey."

One suggestion Stuart made has been implemented; accounting is now taught as a workshop instead of a lecture and seminar and the initial feedback has been positive. Another issue Stuart has been fighting for is the introduction of a compulsory second language to be taught on business courses. "I believe you cannot approach a business career today without speaking at least two languages, as such next year the teaching staff will come together and try to build a language course."

Chosen pathway

The modules Stuart enjoyed the most were the ones focused around economics, which he has chosen as a pathway. "Economics and in particular macroeconomics are the big picture of the business world, the market one chooses to operate in and the firm or organization one works for. The economics lecturers and seminar tutors have a great deal to offer all students at LSBU and if I were to give advice to anybody wishing to study my course I would suggest they take this pathway."

"The teaching staff provided me with a system and a method which I can use in business situations. In my opinion this is the most important thing I have gained from LSBU."


During his second year, Stuart had the opportunity to take part in the student membership of the Institute of Directors (IoD) which gave him ample opportunities to attend fascinating talks and network with the UK's most successful business people.

The future

When he graduates from LSBU, Stuart aims to continue studying in order to become an expert in his field of procurement and supply chain management.

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